FAQs - Clooney Colour

Does Clooney Colour take long to use?

The time that it takes to colour your hair will depend on what look you aregoing for.  If you like a few greys still showing we recommend 10 minutes. If you would like a fuller cover, we recommend 15 minutes+. Note: With no harmful acids used in the formulation of Clooney Colour, there is no maximum application time.


How do I pick the right shade?

Bottom line try and match your colour thebest, if you are unsure of a shade go the lighter one. Example: if you are a new customer, and you have brown hair. Clooney Colour will only bring the greys up to a brown colour. However if you are not sure if you have brown or light brown hair colour. We recommend buying the light brown Clooney Colour to trial. This way it will colour your greys light brown (even if your hair is brown - this will still look fine). What you want to avoid is, if you actually have light brown hair, but you think it's brown, and you order Brown Clooney Colour. It will colour all your hair brown - it is at this point where your neighbour might say something.


How much grey hair will Clooney Colour cover?

To achieve the best result we recommend that our users have no more then 50% grey hair.


How often should I use Clooney Colour?

The best time to use Clooney Colour is after a fresh cut at your local barber. Or you may be looking to touch up for a special event or occasion.


Is Clooney Colour easy to use?

Clooney Colour can be applied from the palm of your gloved hand like a styling product.  There is a short learning curve for first-timers but once you have the basics down you will only get better at using it.  Think of it like shaving, it's a simple grooming routine that you find the way that suits you best.


Is there any maintenance?

Women will use a colour specific shampoo, buuuuut we don't think you need to.  Sure they contain lower levels of surfactants, which reduce fading.  In saying that guys generally have shorter hair making the time between cuts much shorter so you don't have to worry about fading.  We have existing members who use normal shampoos and keep the natural look.


What results can I achieve with Clooney Colour?

By varying the time applied, you can achieve the look you are after. For users that would like the salt and pepper look, we recommend using Clooney Colour for 10 minutes If you would like a fuller cover with only a few traces of grey showing we recommend 15 minutes. Clooney Colour does not have a maximum application time so if you want to get every last one, you can leave it in as long as you want.


Will Clooney Colour damage my hair?

No. Clooney Colour is a soft coloration with no ammonia. By having a high concentrate of organic ingredients and proteins, Clooney Colour has a nutritive and conditioning effect while it does its thing. Rest assured you are in good hands when you decide to make Clooney Colour a part of your grooming routine.

In saying that, if you have had a history of skin conditions we would highly recommend performing a patch test before using. A very low percentage of users can suffer an allergic reaction.


Will Clooney Colour give me regrowth?

No, Clooney Colour is not a permanent hair colour.  The colour will fade over time, becoming lighter each time you wash your hair.  You won't see any major difference or off colour results.  Clooney Colour was designed to give men a very natural looking, believable hair colour.


Will Clooney Colour dye all of my hair?

With the right colour match you won't be left looking like a lego man.  The product only targets the lighter hair follicles (greys) up to the prescribed colour.


Could I have an allergic reaction to Clooney Colour?

With hair colour, there always comes a degree of risk.  If you are a first time user, or you have a history of skin conditions, we would recommend that you perform a patch test before using.