December 06, 2018

How often do you do it? 

For some guys, it’s every morning without fail. For others, it’s simply when they can find the time. You might be wondering if you do it too much, or if you’re not doing it enough.

Yep, we all take a different approach to washing our hair, and there’s plenty of conflicting advice out there about how and how often we should be doing it. But there’s no point tearing your hair out over it  (even that would technically solve the problem), there’s a simple answer. 

Basically, less is more. According to most dermatologists and barbers, on average guys should wash with shampoo once every two to three days - depending on how greasy your hair gets - and no more than three times a week.

Don’t do it daily

You’re probably thinking, “wait, isn’t it pretty dirty to not wash my hair every day? Isn’t that like not using soap daily?”

The answer to that is no (although you should definitely use soap every day, as well as doing your daily grooming routine).

The reason has to do with sebum, the oil your scalp produces that nourishes your hair and keeps it from drying out. Shampoo strips this away, which can dry out your follicles at their roots and weaken your hair. As a result, your body does into overdrive and produces more sebum - making your hair super oily.

If you shampoo less frequently, your scalp will balance itself out and find the sweet spot with the right amount of oil. It will also improve frizzy hair, make it easier to style with product, lessen breakage, make your hair look healthy and shiny, and even help with hair loss.

There’s always an exception to the rule however, and guys with oily hair may need to shampoo more frequently. You’re the best judge of that, so it’s important to know your hair and what it needs. 

Rinse with water

For those of us that work out daily, or get overly sweaty in the warmer months, only washing two or three times a week may sound like a bad idea. But you’ll find that rinsing your hair with warm water, and exfoliating your scalp by rubbing and scratching it, actually does the trick. 

That’ll clear away dead skin flakes, dirt and most of the excess oil, while still leaving enough for your hair to get the nourishing benefits it needs to stay healthy. Plus a bit of salt in your hair from sweat will give you some texture not unlike “surfer’s hair” - with a bit of product, you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good hair day.

Think of conditioner separately

Most of us think shampoo and conditioner are an iconic duo in the vein of Bonnie and Clyde, Holmes and Watson, and fish and chips - but that’s not actually the case.

While your hair does need both, they don’t need to be used at the same time. Unlike shampoo, conditioner can be used everyday, as it re-hydrates hair and replenishes nutrients. You might also want to consider conditioning on the days you don’t shampoo (remember, keep that to two or three days a week). It’ll help rinse away grime on the non-shampoo days, and re-hydrate following a shampoo.

When it comes to conditioning, again, knowing your hair is key. If you’ve got an oily scalp, the excess sebum produce will act as a natural conditional, so your hair is less likely to dry out.

It can take a bit of time and a few attempts to figure out the right routine and frequency for you, but it’s worth breaking away from the daily shampoo and conditioner routine we’ve all become accustomed to - your hair will thank you. 

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