About Us

Keeping men timeless since 2013

Clooney Club was established on the Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand with the ambition to create and distribute world-class natural based grooming products for men. 

We sell our products online with exclusive member benefits, subscription options and professional advice to make sure our guys are using the right products to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Our Design Philosophy:

who we are Michael Goudie and Nick Grant

This is us: Michael Goudie and Nick Grant (best mates for over 20 years) 

What Drives Us:

Quality products, bar none. Delivered in such a way that the modern-day man will appreciate. He feels like he is being looked after and looked out for. Our club mentality is all-encompassing.  

As grooming is a regime that continuously needs to be worked on, we believe in getting the right products in our customer’s hands at the right time while giving them guidance and support to keep their grooming on point.

Natural Ingredients | Modern Design | Quick Delivery | Expert Advice

What Drives Us

This is a friend of ours Joe Naufahu - he thinks it was funny we put him out back to chop wood. 

OUR MISSION: To create & deliver the world's finest, youth preservation & grooming products for men. 

Our Mission

This is another friend Kieran Price - His nickname through college was "baby" because he was the youngest in the group.