October 20, 2016

Following an awesome enquiry this week from a fellow member in Dubai, he asked for any tips on making a colour last for as long as possible in his beard. Here are the few simple things we sent him, that you might find interesting.

These apply for both hair and beard semi-permanent hair colours.

Maximize developer time.
The longer you leave the colour in the more the colour will penetrate the hair follicle.
If you are lucky like me and can leave a Clooney Colour for as long as you want, push the development time out.
* There is quite a big warning over this, however, as I know many of you are sensitive souls, be careful.

Minimise washing your hair – without being feral.
Don't wash your hair/beard 48 hours prior and avoid washing is with a product for another 48 hours. Inevitably the more you wash your hair the colour will fade more.

Be cool about it.
When you do wash your hair/beard use cooler water (hot water can fade the colour quicker). Like many things, hair molecules become a lot more unstable when warmed up, for the colour to attach and become more permanent, use cooler water.

Don’t be Chlorinated!
Stay away from chlorinated pools / spas. These chemicals are used to kill pretty much anything it comes into contact with; it will dry your hair out and make it brittle while washing out the colour in your hair. I think many of us have experienced the rinsed feeling in a tub; let's hope it was worth it ;)

Who you going to call – Colour-Protector
There are some conditioners/shampoos that you could try that specifically "hold colour" in. I will go as far as saying I maybe a little obsessive compulsive, and need to wash (not like five times daily). So have a quick google around colour locking shampoo – here is one of our favourites.

Colour Co-Ordinate.
This may be bleedingly obvious but if you start to get "shade fade" a little early, then re-apply a colour. Simple.

Remember if you have any questions about your grooming regime, please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@clooneyclub.com, send your questions as we love helping members achieve exactly what they need.  

Picture from Styleonehundred