April 16, 2019

The grooming struggle is real. One of the biggest challenges for men who want to take care of themselves is the sheer number of products out there, each promising to be essential and transformative. So, how do you know who to trust and what you need? That’s where we come in. Here’s ten products you need in your bathroom cabinet. Simple as that.

Shave foam

This is an obvious one, but not all shaving products are created equal. You need something that offers a close, smooth shave with leaving your skin soft, soothed and nourished. Our Cleansing Shave Foam cleanses your skin and helps to prepare and protect your face and neck prior to shaving, intensely moisturises and hydrates, and helps provide immediate razor relief. It spreads easily and effectively, softening facial hair and skin to provide the perfect close-shave. Not only does it leave you smelling good, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so your face will feel good too.

Nose and ear hair trimmer

It’s not something a lot of guys think about, but a rogue hair or two sticking out of your nostrils or ears isn’t a great look – plus it’s super annoying. The good news is it’s easy to take keep under control – just grab a Groom Mate. It’s simple and effective, and you don’t even need batteries.

Beard oil

Whether you’ve got a Gandalf-length beard or some Bradley Cooper-esque stubble, beard oil is your friend. Your beard should look shiny and groomed, not dusty, flaky and shaggy – and Travel Man Beard Oil will do just that. It’s an essential product for moisturising both your facial hair and the skin beneath, leaving your beard hair softened, lush and tamed so you can style it and keep it looking it’s best. Not only that, but the oils are organic and sourced from New Zealand – and it smells fantastic!


Most of us wouldn’t have grown up using moisturiser, but you should definitely start if you haven’t already – you’ll thank us later when your skin remains healthy and feeling good as you age. Our Daily Face Fuel Moisturiser will smooth and nourish without irritation and help correct skin-ageing free radicals, while also intensely hydrating and rejuvenating. If you’re still not sure what you’re doing, school up on moisturiser here.


Let’s assume, seeing as you’re here, you’re not a lost cause and know why deodorant is a must-have. But if you’re ready to upgrade from what you were using in high school, our Natural Deodorant is the answer. It uses coconut and jojoba oils and shea butter to form a protective layer and help absorb sweat and neutralise odour. Aluminium and alcohol-free, a natural deodorant will all the body’s natural detoxification process to kick in, so you may find yourself with clearer and healthier skin overall.

Hair product

There’s no doubt that your hair is the MVP when it comes to how you look. Once you’ve got the right cut sorted, you need something that is going to keep it looking sharp. You need a product will give you a good hold, so you can style it how you want it and it’ll last all day, while keeping your hair looking healthy. Both Specter Pomade and Walker Fiber will do just that (while their natural ingredients keep you head healthy) – all you need to do is go for the one that works for you.


Like moisturiser, you may think cleansing is something for the ladies – the truth is they’re just way ahead of us. Cleansers get rid of dead skin cells, dirt and oil, clearing your pores and helping to prevent skin conditions. Trust us, you need to put down the soap and get your hands on our Cleansing Facial Scrub. It’s natural and won’t remove vital moisture or irritate sensitive skin.

Body wash

If you want a natural high performance multi-purpose wash that will clean and improve your skin, look no further than our Hand and Body Wash. If you want to step it up, pair it with our Exfoliating Hand and Body Bar, which uses the hardworking combo of black clay, activated charcoal and pumice, to deeply clean and remove dead skin, along with oils that hydrate, regenerate and help improve skin condition. Your showers will never be the same.


Even if it’s not super sunny, you should be wearing sunscreen whenever you’re outside. Not only is it important for your health, but keeping your skin shielded from the sun will keep it looking good. Skinnies isn’t diluted with water, so a little will go a long way, and give you long-lasting UV protection – plus it isn’t greasy and feels great on your skin. Skinnies Sungel is SPF30, even after 80 minutes in the water, while Skinnies Conquer is high performance SPF50 and is water resistant for four hours.