February 22, 2017

Are we getting a little over the zero side / line / long on top? Whats the next step. Growing out to give you more options. This year you could be in the process of landing a new job, moving to a new city or dating a new girl. Regardless of what your doing, confidence and charisma starts with good grooming, and you can re invent your self at any time. 

Here is a couple of exempla haircuts that will always look good, no matter what tpye of hair you have, and add a little styling, good for any event. 

Leading the charge with immaculate grooming are guys like Ryan Gosling, Jonah Hill and John Krasinski while English actor George MacKay exudes sleek redheaded elegance, despite being a Hollywood newbie.

It may mean a few awkward hair cuts to grow out the 'top quarter' of the side, but a good barber or hair dressing should know exactly what to do. Aim for these looks to then decided where you want to go.

Remember, a change doesn’t have to mean a drastic cut or shave. Try our Specter pomade for a firm new look that is neat and shiny without being sticky or greasy. For a look that’s a little less ‘done’, check out our Walker Fiber. With a matte finish and medium hold, this nutrient-enriched product is perfect for an effortless image, styled the way you want.


2017-Mens-hair-Style-John-Krasinski 2017-Mens-Hair-Style-Ryan-Gosling 2017-Mens-HairStyle-Jonah-Hill


And of course all looks can be achieved by one of two simple solutions: 

The natural shine and firm hold of the Specter Pomade, or,
The matte finish and medium hold of the Walker Fiber.