The Top 10 Tips New Dads Won’t Find in a Book

The Top 10 Tips New Dads Won’t Find in a Book

There’s something to be said for a day which celebrates everything ‘dad’. Whether you’re an experienced dad, a new dad or you’re celebrating with your much-loved old man, Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to relax and enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.

With that in mind, we thought we’d compile a need-to-know list of all of the things guys wish they knew when they first became a dad, but could never find out from a book.

#1 You’re going to need to be there when you least feel like it.

Yep, that’s right, we’re going in deep with our first tip for new dads! Being there for your partner really begins the moment you find out they are pregnant. Your lady is going to have needs, wants and cravings that require you to step up your game and put aside what you’re doing to give her comfort and support. This will only increase once your new baby comes along! Sometimes, all you’ll need to do is simply ‘be there’ to hold a hand or dry tears, but at other times it may be a bit more involved than that. Be prepared to get up in the night, make breakfast first thing in the morning, come home from work if things are difficult and take time off if mum or baby are unwell. You may be busy, you may be tired, you may even be hungover - but when your family need you, you need to be prepared to step up to the plate and be there for them, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

#2 You have never felt tiredness like this before. Trust us.

We all get tired - from work, big sports games and late nights. But nothing - NOTHING - compares to the tiredness felt by new parents. The key thing to remember here is that no matter how tired you feel, your lady is likely feeling 100 times more tired than that. Breastfeeding, hormones and anxiety about sleeping or feeding patterns are no doubt causing your partner a huge amount of stress and sleepless nights. You may find that you’re both running off adrenaline for the first wee while but at some stage the lack of sleep and restless nights will catch up with you and you will crash. Be ready for it - eat healthily, keep your water intake up and get fresh air whenever you can. These little things will help when sleep deprivation kicks in.

#3 Changing a nappy isn’t actually all that bad.

Everyone is full of horror stories about how awful it is having to change nappies. We say - man up! More often than not, it’s not that bad and by helping out with a few nappy changes here and there you’ll get to spend extra bonding time with Junior - not to mention give your lady a well earned break.

#4 Microwave dinners never looked so good.

Sure, you and your better half used to love spending evenings in the kitchen, making Michelin grade dinners and drowning them with a bottle of French red…. But those days are (temporarily!) over. Throwing together a makeshift dinner of last night’s leftovers and pieces of toast, zapping something in the microwave or even ordering takeaways is not a sin - sometimes it’s the only option and that’s OK. Enjoy it while it lasts, you’ll be back in that kitchen soon enough.

#5 Mistakes happen.

A baby doesn’t come with a manual. For the most part, raising a child is trial and error. This means, mistakes happen and as long as we learn from them and move on, then it’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up for something you think you’ve done wrong - chances are, it’s not going to affect your kiddo in the long run and they’ll forgive you for giving them the wrong formula that one time or leaving their onesie on backwards for a whole day. Life happens, own it and move on.

#6 You CAN travel with a baby.

Yep, you read correctly. It’s 2017 - travelling with a baby has never been easier. Older people and naysayers will warn you that travelling with a little one is a “nightmare” and “impossible” but we disagree. In fact, travelling while your baby is still very little is actually easier than when they get slightly older and sitting on a plane for any length of time doesn’t bode well with their high energy levels. Travelling is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a family, so make the most of having a tiny, compact baby who you can pop in a front pack, and start planning your next escape!

#7 Get a good babysitter.

Chances are you and your partner may need a break from your baby LONG before you realise it. Once your baby accepts a bottle or can go for four hours or more without feeding, find yourself a good babysitter, willing grandparent or friend and take a much needed break with your lady. Whether it’s an hour at your local cafe on a Sunday morning or a few hours on a Friday evening so you can go and see a movie - take that break whenever you can. You’ll find tiredness and frustration dissipate after a nice meal, a glass of wine and a good laugh.

#8 You can NEVER have too many baby wipes.

Keep a pack in your car, your laptop bag, your bedroom and even a mini pack in your back pocket if you need to! Baby wipes are like gold dust and you can never have too many packets lying around your house - trust us. Before long, you’ll find you’re using them for everything from wiping banana off sticky baby fingers to cleaning oil off your bike and dirt off your golf clubs.

#9 Make time for your other relationships.

We get it, babies take up A LOT of time and it’s easy to focus everything we’ve got on our new family member. But bringing a new life into the world isn’t an excuse to forget about all of the other relationships in your life - your friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly: your significant other. Make time to see your mates for a coffee, call in to see your parents without your baby in tow and stay behind for a drink with workmates every once in awhile. Keep regular date nights with your lady too. Taking time out to appreciate her will only strengthen your relationship, and there’s nothing more important for a baby than to see his/her parents showing one another love and support.

#10 You’re not the assistant - you’re the father.

You and your partner played equal parts in bringing this beautiful new life into the world, therefore your responsibilities and duties are equal too. Don’t let old fashioned notions or traditional views on parenting trick you into thinking you are anything less than critical in the process of raising of your child. Throw yourself into fatherhood and embrace it wholeheartedly. Be informed, get hands on and most importantly: love with every cell in your body.

(B)Romance is NOT Dead:  5 Ideas For The Perfect Man Date.

(B)Romance is NOT Dead: 5 Ideas For The Perfect Man Date.

It is often argued that in this day and age, romance is dead and gone. In the last 50 years, dating has gone from flower-filled chivalry and sneaking kisses in the back seat of the cinema, to sex-texting and swiping right.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said for bromance. The love between friends who are more like brothers, is alive and well. But haven’t guys always hung out in big packs, drinking and causing general debauchery? Yes, they have. But this, my friends, is slightly different - and a lot more sophisticated.

Boys nights be gone. Lads, say hello to the Man Date.

Man…. What?

Yep, you read correctly. A man date.

The Urban Dictionary describes a man date as:

"Two straight guys doing something that would be your standard date, e.g. doing to a film or out for a meal."

Now, we’re not suggesting you swap your dating life for Netflix and Chill with your best friend. A man date is simply a way of engaging socially with a mate who you appreciate and enjoy spending time with, but in a slightly classier way than just going down the pub to sink a few handles.

Epic Man Dates and How to Plan One

A man date requires a little more thought than the boys nights of years gone by. It’s no longer about poker nights in your mate’s garage or bar hopping until someone gets thrown out of a sticky nightclub. These days, catching up with a friend is usually based around conversation and good food, for starters.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top Five tips for the ultimate man date:

1. The Movies - A Timeless Man Date

This is the easy, no-brainer man date.

Going to the movies is a compulsory couple of hours away from it all. No phone, no computer, no chat and no nagging. If you’ve had a busy week at work and don’t feel like engaging in long conversation, watching a decent movie can be the ultimate wind down.

Grab your mate and book yourselves into a Gold Class cinema to watch a new release while you enjoy a beer and a pizza from your lazy boy seat.

2. A Sports Game - The Blokey Man Date

We live in New Zealand, which means there is always a sports game to be watched, somewhere. Even the blokiest of your mates will be up for this man date.

Whether it’s an international rugby match or a local football game, this is a super easy date to organise and allows for decent catch up time while also enjoying the entertainment of live sport and of course - beers.

Couldn’t get tickets in time? Order take away and nab a prime spot in front of the TV for a quality night in. Why limit yourself to one mate when you can invite many? This is the perfect, no-excuses catch up for the whole crew.

3. Dinner - The (B)Romantic Man Date

A dinner date is the perfect way to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. If you need a listening ear or advice from your mate, the best way to converse at length and in depth is over a dinner table. 

New Zealand has no shortage of great restaurants, be it a trendy pop-up food truck or waterfront fine dining. This man date is perfect for foodie friends. Be warned: significant others may get a little jealous of this one!

4. Whiskey Bar - The Refined Man Date

Find a dark, gloomy whiskey bar reminiscent of 1920s Prohibition Era America, where men can be men, and pick a couple of whiskeys to try throughout the evening.*

In a bygone era this was how men spent their Friday nights anyway…. Cigars and monocles optional.

*Don’t drink and drive. Always use Uber, a taxi service or Dial-a-Driver.

5. Live Music - The Cultural Man Date

NZ may be a small country, but we have no shortage of epic bands and artists visiting our shores.

Get tickets early, catch your favourite band and make a night of it. Or head to a smaller, underground venue and who knows - you might find yourself watching the next Jimmy Hendrix. Nothing beats the feeling of live music coursing through your eardrums and the sound of hundreds of sweaty patrons all singing along to your favourite tunes.

Go on…. Pop the Question!

No doubt you’ve got a mate or two who could benefit from a decent heart-to-heart over some good food or a nip of fine whiskey. We’ve given you our favourite ideas, now get on the phone and ask your mate out on a Man Date, stat!

Meet Pitu 👋 An acrobat teaching something different

Meet Pitu 👋 An acrobat teaching something different

Meet Pitu Blazquez, a gentleman and a scholar who is leading by example. An acrobatics teacher Pitu Blazquez finds a deeper meaning while teaching people with disabilities.

Take a leaf out of Pitu's book and be kinder and more open today, than you were yesterday. 

Tip of the hat to you sir. 


Look Mum, New Hair.

Look Mum, New Hair.

Every day we are confronted with lads that are not feeling great about themselves. They don't feel the way they should or have the confidence they want.

What we love about this video of Paul Bowen featured by LabBible is how open he is about his decision and the fact he wears this decision on his sleeve.

Women do this every day, back in my youths I remember scoring a lovely lady and waking up to find a completely different girl next to me - needless to say, this didn't mean she was a 'bag of dicks'.

Of course, its nieve to think that a decision like, colouring your hair, using anti-again serum, hair styling product, or getting a wig, will be done for a little less judgement from others (and what does thatsay about others not the individual), HOWEVER, 95% of the decision is done for themselves!!  

Paul, we love your work and shining a light on the gender disparity. Tip of the hat to you my friend.

Travel Man Beard Oil Founder - Joe Moncur

Travel Man Beard Oil Founder - Joe Moncur

Meet Joe Moncur, a builder by day, Beard Oil Batman by night.

While Joe would usually fit the rough and ready tradie feels, he knows that attention to detail is the difference between being good or great. Joe started Summit Renovations in 2013 to showcase his point of difference & craft. Joe is backed by his leading lady and wife Nicole, and the two have been married for over three years.

We asked Joe a few questions about Travel Man and his motivations.

How did you get into 'building', and when did you figure it out it was something you were going to stick with it?

I have always wanted to be a builder from a very young age of 5 my opa/grandad was also a builder, and we used help him in his workshop, so I guess it's in my blood.

Which project are you most proud of?

Every project I do I'm proud of but there's always one that you just love, and that would be a Japanese inspired project in Ponsonby where a lot of design a build was done on the go and a lot of thinking out side of the box was required to make it one of a kind.

Who is your greatest motivation/influence?

Cole Hatter
If you look up the podcast the Art of Charm
Look up 416 on the pod amazing story I've listened to a lot check it out.

What’s your theme song at the moment?

I love old school hip hop but who doesn't I would say... "Not Afraid" by Eminem.

What's the most interesting thing people don’t know about you?

I travelled, lived and worked in the USA when I was 17 and did a renovation over there, and I had to go from mm to inches in a day, it was a great experience.

How long have you had that godly beard?

Over three years now; since I've been married. Luckily the wife loves it, the beard oil helps too.

What’s different about your beard oil?

It's Nz made and all sourced in Nz, plus with the rosemary leaf, makes have the point of difference and add a bit of magic to it.

Why Travel Man?

After brain storming which I do a lot, I wrote at least 30 things around a c loud which said Beard Man, my wife and I love to travel and we think it's something that many other explorers can relate. Travel Man gives us a great platform to shape and mould different product offerings too.

Any Closing Comments?

"A beard is like a lady, if you don't look after her ... she won't look after you". Shampoo your beard every week that helps with a good clean to remove the pie gravy, and the oil helps with the dry and itchy part it also makes it softer and fuller.




Sex, Booze and Going Bald

Sex, Booze and Going Bald

It’s a decision no man ever wants to be faced with: choosing between giving up sex and alcohol for a year or going bald.

But a recent study by Alpecin, a German haircare brand that specialises in hair loss, has found that if it came down to it, most Kiwi men would prefer the former over the latter. Yes, that’s right, a whopping 70 percent of men surveyed would rather give up sex for a year than go bald. A further three-quarters of men between the ages of 20 and 49 would also turn down their favourite alcoholic beverage for an entire year than lose their crowning glory.

The study also revealed that over one-third of men and women think hair loss has a significant impact on self-esteem and confidence, with as many as one in five males believing they are less attractive to potential partners because of it. Dr Adolf Klenk, an Alpecin hair specialist, said that losing your hair can affect the way you view yourself and how you believe others view you, hence the sacrifices some Kiwi men would be willing to make if faced with a life without hair.

While genetics or hereditary factors may be to blame in some cases, 33 percent of men attribute hair loss to stress and work. Five percent even went so far as to blame their own wives for their hair loss. Regardless of the cause, there were a number of things Kiwi men were not prepared to lose over a head of hair. A year’s salary was considered not worth sacrificing, said 85 percent of the men surveyed. Men also agreed that they would rather lose their hair than suffer erectile dysfunction. A further 80 per cent of men said that they would choose owning a house in the Auckland property market over having a head of luscious locks, and nearly 90 percent of women agreed with this. It should be noted that 50 percent of women also said they’d prefer their man to have a thick head of hair rather than a large penis. Ahem.

Whatever you’re rocking up top, whether it be a lion-like mane or a close shave to keep the balding at bay, we believe confidence is key and youth preservation is priority. If your hair needs a helping hand in the style department, try our Walker Fiber or Specter Pomade. Alternately, our nutrient-rich hair and beard dyes are awesome for hiding pesky greys.












The Great Beard Debate

The Great Beard Debate

You either love them or you hate them, but it looks like beards are here to stay.

Following a gradual rise in popularity, the pro-or-anti beard debate has recently started to heat up with critics suggesting that aside from being an unnecessary attachment to a man’s chin, beards are also home to a number of nasty bugs.

Thankfully, for the hipsters among us, a study conducted by an American hospital and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, has proven otherwise.

The New Zealand Herald reports that after swabbing the faces of 408 hospital staff, both clean shaven and with beards, the American study found that it was the non-bearded participants who were more likely to be carrying something on their chops. When it comes to the methicillin-resistant staph aureus species (commonly known just as MRSA), the beardless group were in fact three times more likely to be carrying it on their faces.

Having picked up on these findings, the BBC show Trust Me I’m A Doctor proffered this little gem of wisdom: beards can fight infection.

The British television show swabbed the beards of a group of men and sent the samples to Dr Adam Roberts, a microbiologist at University College London. The result was that Dr Roberts was able to grow over 100 different bacteria from the beard swabs, however among these there was also something that appeared to be fighting – and killing – the bacteria. Dr Roberts suggested that it was more than likely a germ or microbe which fights with fungus for food and space, at a bacteria level. Further testing revealed that the same microbe could also wipe out a particularly drug-resistant form of E.coli.

Could beards be a key ingredient in future antibiotics? While it’s unlikely that beards are going to save the human race in any way, shape or form, at least men sporting facial hair now have a viable argument the next time they come up against a pogonophobe*.

*person with a fear of beards

Nick & Goudie Clooney HQ

ps. We should take this opportunity to point out that if your beard is not as god-like as you may like it. You can condition the tinge and greys out with our Clooney Beard Colour. 


What Mens Hair Styles Are Leading The Charge In 2017?

What Mens Hair Styles Are Leading The Charge In 2017?

Are we getting a little over the zero side / line / long on top? Whats the next step. Growing out to give you more options. This year you could be in the process of landing a new job, moving to a new city or dating a new girl. Regardless of what your doing, confidence and charisma starts with good grooming, and you can re invent your self at any time. 

Here is a couple of exempla haircuts that will always look good, no matter what tpye of hair you have, and add a little styling, good for any event. 

Leading the charge with immaculate grooming are guys like Ryan Gosling, Jonah Hill and John Krasinski while English actor George MacKay exudes sleek redheaded elegance, despite being a Hollywood newbie.

It may mean a few awkward hair cuts to grow out the 'top quarter' of the side, but a good barber or hair dressing should know exactly what to do. Aim for these looks to then decided where you want to go.

Remember, a change doesn’t have to mean a drastic cut or shave. Try our Specter pomade for a firm new look that is neat and shiny without being sticky or greasy. For a look that’s a little less ‘done’, check out our Walker Fiber. With a matte finish and medium hold, this nutrient-enriched product is perfect for an effortless image, styled the way you want.


2017-Mens-hair-Style-John-Krasinski 2017-Mens-Hair-Style-Ryan-Gosling 2017-Mens-HairStyle-Jonah-Hill


And of course all looks can be achieved by one of two simple solutions: 

The natural shine and firm hold of the Specter Pomade, or,
The matte finish and medium hold of the Walker Fiber. 



CLOCKING LIFE - What age do you think you will be at your peak?

CLOCKING LIFE - What age do you think you will be at your peak?

So at 31, I am at the best age to be playing chess, I would find women of the age of 23 most attractive, in 16 years from reaching my top earning potential & I have lots of maths and words to learn. Love it.

Ever had the depressing thought that your best years are already behind you? Fear not, as scientists say there is always something better just around the corner. Researchers have analysed a range of studies that assess physical and mental traits as people age, and developed a timeline chart of life's high points.

And some of the numbers may surprise you.

According to scientists, the age at which you reach your peak potential to learn a language is 7, and your brain processing power is on top form at 18.

While some of the peak ages are the same for men and women, it's a different story when it comes to pay packets.

At the carefree age of 23, researchers say both sexes are likely to be feeling smug in the life satisfaction stakes, and you'll be best placed to run a marathon at 28.

Twenty-three is also the point where the research says women's attractiveness to men peaks.

Researchers say women hit their peak salary at 39, while men are at the top of their earning potential at 48.

Both sexes are at their peak powers for playing chess at 31, and the researchers say you'll be best at remembering faces at age 32.

As we rack up birthday candles, a different set of skills emerge. If you're challenged when it comes to numbers, it could be because generally we're not at our peak age for maths ability until we hit 50, and have the biggest vocabulary at age 69.

Proving that age is indeed just a number, perhaps the most surprising date on the chart is the time when we are happiest with our bodies - which is 74 years old, for both men and women. - nzherald

While we are humble believers in aging gracefully, we don't want you to age quicker than you feel, joining Clooney Club we deliver on that confidence. We have many a member from all walks of life; we deliver a support system in being yourself. 

Caution Strong Words - MFCEO Podcast

Caution Strong Words - MFCEO Podcast


This week I have to tell you about a podcast we at Clooney Club have been getting into, MFCEO project. Most mornings on the bus I listen to a podcast of some sort, and if you are looking for a guide to being a bad ass, taking responsibility and ownership of your life, MFCEO will help you.

Andy Frisella is the Mother Fucking CEO, and he explains up the front of every podcast that you don't actually have to the CEO of a company, but you can become the CEO of your life. What I love about the host Andy, is he breaks any of the clean moulds of highly successful people. Andy's message about self-belief, not leaving things to chance, going the extra mile and how to exceed expectations is very motivational. This podcast should be a staple guide to evolving as a human.

Again, we share this to help members be confident in who they are and what they are doing. There are so many little moments in a day in where you can impact someone or something in a way that you would normally 'glass over' or 'cruise through'.

Step back, look and listen and don't leave things to chance - if you don't get any tingly feeling in your stomach and are not more motivated to be a better human, that I don't know what would.

The MFCEO PodcastAndy’s  Facebook Page | Andy’s Instagram account

While you are at make sure you check out our latest styling product HERE , we can help you kick ass by feeling confident in the product you use and how you look. The confidence I have definitely starts with my morning grooming regime.
Clooney Club Member's Most Common New Years Resolutions

Clooney Club Member's Most Common New Years Resolutions

By now the dust should have settled after a hectic Xmas and New Years, and you are most likely going deep into your first days back at work for the year.    

Like most people the beginning of the new year can be used to establish or re-establish some goals.  

Yes, world domination may sound like a good place to start while at a boozy New Year's Eve party, but it may not be that realistic.

Some helpful advice that we have received is to break down the list into the following:

What do I want to DO

What do I want to HAVE

Who do I want to BE

After speaking with a few of our Clooney Club members, we were able to see a pattern to the types of goals created.  Check out some of our favorite goals below:

  • Personal Development
    • Be more mindful
    • Read more books, articles
  • Fitness, Health & Appearance
    • Run a marathon
    • Complete a triathlon
    • Build a solid gym routine
    • Learn more about healthy eating
    • Lose X amount of kg’s
    • Take better care of my hair
    • Take better care of my skin 
  • Relationships
    • Time to put a ring on it
    • Add to the family
    • Be a better partner
    • Spend more time with friends 
  • Professional Development 
    • Attend more workshops
    • Get better at networking
    • Get a promotion
    • Get a pay rise
  • Financial
    • Buy a new house
    • Buy a first house
    • Start a business
    • Save X amount
  • Hobbies & Entertainment
    • Everyone has their event and travelling bucket list.  
    • Start surfing
    • Do a skydive
    • Play social sport
    • Make a rep team
    • Learn how to take better photos 
  • Big Boys Toys
    • Buy a New Motorbike
    • Buy a New Car
    • Buy a New Boat

You know as well as we do that getting your list written down is only the very first step, and the above items are very broad.  To get things happening, you need to put plans in place to create action.  Each goal needs to be broken down into subtasks to achieve the final result.  

The 24/7/3 rule has worked well for us.  What can I do to achieve my goals in the next 24 hours / the next seven days / the next three weeks. 

Let’s not just hope that 2016 is a good one, let us make it a great one.

Advice For Him, Valentines For Her

Advice For Him, Valentines For Her

Clooney Club reaches out to some leading ladies to help advise the lads what valentines means to them and some gift ideas for your significant other.  It's not as daunting or costly as you may think.  Also, don't forget to enter the competition at the bottom of the page to win your leading lady a Valentines Gift. 

Aroha Harawira from George FM Grind & Arohardcore blog said this:

“If you’re seeing someone or hoping to woo a potential suitor with a gift, I believe homemade is best.  A carefully constructed playlist is super romantic and thoughtful, unless the recipient is a total music snob like me.  In which case go with some simple handwritten words, a drawing, hell even some woodwork if that’s what you’re good at.  The most romantic Valentines day gift I ever gave a guy was a very realistic pencil drawing of a bag of dicks.  There is an associated in-joke, but the point is that I spent hours on the drawing, fully knowing that my boyfriend was a gifted artist and a harsh critic.  He loved it.  Oh, and girls love being taken out for dinner, but you knew that.”

Amelia Bank Director of Maree&Co said:

"My ultimate Valentine's Day treat would have to be as easy as a breakfast date at my favourite cafe, followed by a day of quality time spent at the beach!  He can surf, I can lay in the sun… it's a win-win situation.  Otherwise, a beautiful bunch of flowers never disappoints (even if they do come from the next door neighbours garden)!"

Mary Haddock-Staniland the personality / mc / entertainer from said:

“Given I’m about to celebrate being married three years and with my husband for ten years the excitement of Valentines Day isn’t something I go “gar-gar” over, but I still think it is worth celebrating.  My husband, for example, isn’t the most romantic man in the world.  He’s more of a “buy me treats during the year” kind of man, rather than leaving it until Valentines Day.  I do think as I’ve gotten older, it is more a commercial exercise, rather than a true and authentic romantic gesture.  Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.  It is celebrated in many countries around the world.  I think the typical gift is flowers and chocolates, but I do know of friends and family who are in “newish” type relationships that have got men in their lives who branch out of the normal with gifts.  I think diamonds are always a good option, that said, if they’re a bit of the budget – I think guys should stick to candles, a nice massage at a day spa or a night in a hotel somewhere cheap and cheerful wouldn’t go a miss.  As long as your intentions are intact, you can’t go wrong.  If you’re trying to woo a girl with your magic, then go for simple but meaningful – you can’t go wrong.”

Mandy Jacobsen owner / director of Red11 Modeling Agency says:

Grow some balls … ask her if you're keen and stop beating around the bush!!  Time is short, and confidence is the sexiest thing in a man.  If by a small chance you actually get rejected, there's plenty of fabulous, amazing women out there.  Capiche!?"

So there you have it, straight from them to you.  A thoughtful homemade gift will hit the mark, some quality time in a win-win situation can work, as long as she can see your intentions are in tack, you will be sweet and if approaching the unknown, do it with confidence.  Simple.

Valentines Day Competition

Now it's over to you lads, sign up to a get Clooney Club HQ insights like above and go in the draw to have a Soy Candle from Maree&Co and a Bouquet of Flowers from Lu Dimond Flowers for your lady on Valentines Day.  Easy. 

Markanotnia Spring Candle 480x480LDF bouquet 675x450


Clooney Club Member Recomendations - Apps: From One Night Stands to Great White Sharks

Clooney Club Member Recomendations - Apps: From One Night Stands to Great White Sharks

Why not start with one night stands, mindfulness, a big bang, the universe, and sharks.

Most lads have a little inner geek in them and at Clooney Club HQ we are no different.  I am sure many people hate to admit t, but we are obsessed with our phones, and we are always interested in knowing what funky app’s gentlemen are using.


“It finds rooms for you for tonight and tomorrow only. Great for some last minute getaways” – David Elmsly.  We only just discovered this little beaut, awesome for some spontaneity with you leading lady OR scrambling to find a decent solution ;)



“Its guided meditation. Love It. I use it every day for 15 mins” – Nick Grant. Check this app for meditation techniques for mindfulness, stress relief & peace of mind. 10 minutes away keeps the demons away.



Made famous by Sheldon Cooper – one user (Andy Pile) says he uses it to keep his girl in line, we think it’s the other way around.  Choose your whip, and tap or shake to crack it.  The entertainment possibilities are endless.



This is pretty cool; it will give you the names and the last time the shark ‘pinged’, connecting the dots so you can track your favorite great white shark where ever it goes.

“OCEARCH's Global Shark Tracker lets you observe the navigational pattern of sharks that have been tagged with satellite tracking technology all for the purpose of shark conservation.” - Ocearch



“Sky tracking is pretty bitch'n, if you see something in the Sky you can look at it through your screen and it will I.d. It for you. You can point the phone to the ground, and it will show you the night sky on the other side of the planet. .... it's pretty mad!” – Zane Taylor.


 We would love to hear what apps you might be using at the moment!? Let us know via a comment on any of our socials. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Clooney Club Rules

Clooney Club Rules


  1. Hat and sunglasses off when meeting people.
  2. Be confident, not arrogant. Know the difference #fineline
  3. Be open-minded - but firm in your beliefs. 
  4. Be respectful - especially with time.
  5. Know when NOT to use your phone.
  6. Have a drink, don’t be drunk.
  7. Don’t swear in Public.
  8. Don’t judge or bully.
  9. Never lie, unless it's a pleasant surprise. 
  10. Look people in the eye. 

When all else fails - fall back to the golden rule:

Always do to others as you would wish them to do to you if you were in their position.

Be The Perfect Gentleman With These 5 Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

Be The Perfect Gentleman With These 5 Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

While it would be nice to be able to splash out and get her the latest Porsche Macan or go on an extravagant holiday such things are not an option for a lot of us blokes. To be fair, if they were we would probably be riding the bachelor wave having the time of our lives anyway right (kidding) (kind of kidding).  Jokes aside, gifts are not about how much they cost, it’s the thought that counts.  As cliche as that saying is, it’s true.  Your girl wants to know that you understand her tastes, likes, dislikes and what gets her going.

We have compiled a few of our favourite options from different price brackets to get you started.  If your budget allows it, mixing a few of these options together works a treat. 


1.  Lingerie

Yes, this may be a no-brainer, but it is amazing how many guys don’t take advantage of this option.  It’s cost effect, and the gift itself is a win-win.  You get to enjoy your girl in some sexy new lingerie.  She gets to feel sexy in her new lingerie.  Make sure you have done your homework to get her sizing right to receive additional browny points.  With regards to style; if you are not confident enough to pick something that you think will work for her body type, make sure you get some help from the pros working from your chosen retailer. and have really good service and great advice.  The online orders are shipped promptly and come with a free returns option just in case.

Prices from $40 to $200

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2.  Event Tickets

This may be an assumption but it’s usually fair to say that couples enjoy the same bands and genres of music.  With concert ticket sales for this summer already in full swing, there are multiple different options for you.  Again this is a win-win.  You get to spend some quality time together while being at a concert you will both enjoy.  If you’re lucky she may not have known about the act being in town adding a bit of a surprise element. and are great for seeing what options are available.

 Prices from $50 to $300

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3.  Couples Day Spa

If you haven’t had the spa treatment before this is a must.  Most places will kick you off with a couple of drinks and a private spa to get you warmed up before heading in for a full body and hand massage as well as a facial.  Trust me you will both come out feeling amazing.  Keeping in theme here this is a win win again.  Spend some quality time with your girl while you both get pampered.

Search for day spas in your area that do couples packages.  It pays to shop around to see who has the best location and package.

Prices range from $250 to $500 depending on what package you go for.

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4.  Jewellery

They don't say "Diamonds are a girls best friend” for nothing.  Your better half will always appreciate some new jewellery to add to her collection.  Although, to hit the mark the piece doesn’t necessarily need to include “Diamonds”.  Depending on your budget there are plenty of options out there to make her heart melt.  If you are not going to drop a wad of cash to get something custom made with all the bells and whistles, go for a boutique brand that isn’t your standard generic jewellery.

For custom pieces we would recommend checking out and and for a boutique less pricey option go for something like the range.

Prices in this category really have no limit so decide what is feasible for you $200 to $1,000+

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5.  Weekend Away

The surprise weekend away is one of my personal favourites.  Take her away to somewhere that is either new to you both so you can explore together or somewhere with some significance to your relationship.  It can be from camping at the beach to a luxury hotel.  You will know what will suit you both and the most important part is the time you get to spend together.

This option can also be paired well with any of the above options to really sweep her of her feet.

Prices range from $500 to $1,000+ depending on what kind of getaway would suit her.

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