June 08, 2019

Men thrive in creating efficiencies. Hair and every one of its complexities require somewhat more time and money than most men care to give it.

An improved hair-life balance can be as basic as acquiring the correct items for your hair type and style, and not pandering to the "latest" trends, when truth be told, an old faithful style is the thing that suits you best.

You can be going grey, or think that a 2-1 shampoo is actually working, these easy men's hair slip-ups can be dealt with quickly and effectively before the banter starts and you are lead down a path of eternal embarrassment.

You're Growing Your Hair Too Long

While it's enticing to think you can pull off the luscious look over long hair, this actually takes the most time and work to get it right. Most folks don't have the stamina to develop their hair long. Upkeep – styling and cleaning – is considerably more tiring, contrasted with shorter styles, so that takes out the simple person straight up.

At some point, 60-70% of us will incur hair loss of some end. That implies, there's a decent amount of you en route to creating the hair peninsula, creating a Jewish cap, or having hair that might be blown off. The key? Try not to style your hair like you have a full head of hair. It makes you look older than you are, a little desperate, and honestly, you are the only one that is holding on (do us all a favour – we are the ones who have to look at it).

Rather, grasp the 50 shades of grey look; either trimming your hair into a fresh short style or shaving everything off "la buzz trim".


You're Using Way Too Much Product

Its Product abuse – Don't be that guy. Let's make a general rule if you are going through a pot of product each month, you may need to seek some external advice. Some signs of overuse, it feels like you are wearing a beanie (but you're not), you may have unruly clumps of hair, you can smell your hair styling product at the end of the day. It's like being a brand basher, wearing Nike, shoes, trackies, jumper and hat. It doesn't go unnoticed.

The fix? Just tone it down. Begin with a modest quantity of product, dispersing through your palms and fingers, cover this evenly through your hair before proceeding onward to your regular style. Keeping away from clustering, which simply makes you look oily and unwashed, apply to the underlying foundations of the. Keep in mind: you can generally add more product, so begin with hardly any and build and texturize from there.

You assume all hair is created equal

Just because you take your favourite style to the hairdresser, does not mean you can achieve that. Length, thickness, cowlick, direction, products – are all factors in getting to a style. Most men have different hair types to celebs and models.

Reality check, rather than turning up with a preconceived idea. Have a chat with your hairdresser about what is best suited for you. This is precisely what makes your hairdresser/barber a good one or a bad one. That way, you can decide on a cut that suits your hair's natural state and your lifestyle.

You might be afraid of change

What goes around, comes around. Thus, were suddenly sporting undercuts, wearing slacks, sneakers and bumbags, Your hair is the same, it can be seasonal, and staying at the front end of style is actually not that hard. Especially down under as we take a lead from the northern hemisphere. Your hairstyle sets the tone for your entire look, regardless of what you are actually wearing. 

Your expensive threads, your watch, the subtle details – won't mean anything if your hair is off. Change is as good as a holiday, and perhaps its time to talk to your barber about a holiday.