June 13, 2019

There’s a lot to love about travelling - the flights getting you to where you’re going aren’t often one of them.

One of the many reasons for this is how challenging it is to maintain a good hair day. We’ve all been there - unfolding your limbs to get out of the tight space that is your seat, awkwardly climbing past your neighbours and getting to the bathroom to see a real mess staring back at you.

This is a problem we can help you solve (sorry, you’re on your own with neighbours snoring and monopolising the arm rest, the person in front of you putting your chair back too far and the less-than-average food). Follow the advice below and you’ll have travel-proof hair that will see you arrive in your destination looking as sharp as usual.

Give it a good wash before you go

It’s always a mad rush to get going when you’re travelling, but it’s essential you spend some of that precious time in the shower giving your hair a proper wash with shampoo and conditioner. This will add a bit of roughness and texture to your hair and remove excess oil from your scalp, which will help get your hair in the best position to weather the storm that is travelling.

Naturally high performing, our Hunter Lab Invigorating Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner will work together to get your hair in top form, leaving it cleansed, nourished, healthy and protected.

Keep your products close by

It may seem easier to put all your haircare products in your checked luggage, but you’ll thank us when you realise how much it can help having a couple of key ones to hand in your carry on bags when you’re en route. Massaging a dry shampoo into your scalp will help keep the oil away that you got rid of in the shower, and using a bit of styling product when needed will keep everything in place - it doesn’t take much, but maintenance is key.

When it comes to product, less is more

Speaking of styling products, travelling isn’t the time to go all-out. As we’ve said before, you should be using as little as possible - and that’s definitely true when you’re travelling. It’s also important to use something on the lighter side, so it doesn’t get all clumped and dry.

Cheap and nasty products are never good, and there’s nothing like the chaos of travel to show just how important quality products are. Our Specter Pomade and Walker Fiber have both been designed to keep your hair and scalp healthy, while offering a firm hold that won’t bog you down and is easy to wash out. No matter how far you’re travelling, they’ll keep you comfortable without compromising on hold.

Step away from the comb

That thing about maintenance we mentioned earlier, combing your hair is the exception that proves the rule. It may seem like it’d be an easy way to keep things tight, but it’ll actually have the opposite effect - combing will activate your sebaceous glands, which secrete oil in your scalp. Go for a messier look when you style your hair ahead of travelling to avoid needing the comb to keep things perfectly in place.

Keep your hands off the merchandise

Look but don’t touch - you’re a gentleman after all. Like with the comb, messing with your hair will get the oils in your scalp pumping, with the added complication of mixing in the natural oils in your fingers and palms as well. The more you do it, the greasier your hair will look. You want to look like you’re travelling as a passenger, not an oil export.