July 14, 2016

Clooney Club reaches out to some leading ladies to help advise the lads what valentines means to them and some gift ideas for your significant other.  It's not as daunting or costly as you may think.  Also, don't forget to enter the competition at the bottom of the page to win your leading lady a Valentines Gift. 

Aroha Harawira from George FM Grind & Arohardcore blog said this:

“If you’re seeing someone or hoping to woo a potential suitor with a gift, I believe homemade is best.  A carefully constructed playlist is super romantic and thoughtful, unless the recipient is a total music snob like me.  In which case go with some simple handwritten words, a drawing, hell even some woodwork if that’s what you’re good at.  The most romantic Valentines day gift I ever gave a guy was a very realistic pencil drawing of a bag of dicks.  There is an associated in-joke, but the point is that I spent hours on the drawing, fully knowing that my boyfriend was a gifted artist and a harsh critic.  He loved it.  Oh, and girls love being taken out for dinner, but you knew that.”

Amelia Bank Director of Maree&Co said:

"My ultimate Valentine's Day treat would have to be as easy as a breakfast date at my favourite cafe, followed by a day of quality time spent at the beach!  He can surf, I can lay in the sun… it's a win-win situation.  Otherwise, a beautiful bunch of flowers never disappoints (even if they do come from the next door neighbours garden)!"

Mary Haddock-Staniland the personality / mc / entertainer from www.maryhadstan.com said:

“Given I’m about to celebrate being married three years and with my husband for ten years the excitement of Valentines Day isn’t something I go “gar-gar” over, but I still think it is worth celebrating.  My husband, for example, isn’t the most romantic man in the world.  He’s more of a “buy me treats during the year” kind of man, rather than leaving it until Valentines Day.  I do think as I’ve gotten older, it is more a commercial exercise, rather than a true and authentic romantic gesture.  Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine.  It is celebrated in many countries around the world.  I think the typical gift is flowers and chocolates, but I do know of friends and family who are in “newish” type relationships that have got men in their lives who branch out of the normal with gifts.  I think diamonds are always a good option, that said, if they’re a bit of the budget – I think guys should stick to candles, a nice massage at a day spa or a night in a hotel somewhere cheap and cheerful wouldn’t go a miss.  As long as your intentions are intact, you can’t go wrong.  If you’re trying to woo a girl with your magic, then go for simple but meaningful – you can’t go wrong.”

Mandy Jacobsen owner / director of Red11 Modeling Agency says:

Grow some balls … ask her if you're keen and stop beating around the bush!!  Time is short, and confidence is the sexiest thing in a man.  If by a small chance you actually get rejected, there's plenty of fabulous, amazing women out there.  Capiche!?"

So there you have it, straight from them to you.  A thoughtful homemade gift will hit the mark, some quality time in a win-win situation can work, as long as she can see your intentions are in tack, you will be sweet and if approaching the unknown, do it with confidence.  Simple.

Valentines Day Competition

Now it's over to you lads, sign up to a get Clooney Club HQ insights like above and go in the draw to have a Soy Candlefrom Maree&Co and a Bouquet of Flowersfrom Lu Dimond Flowers for your lady on Valentines Day.  Easy. 

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