July 14, 2016

While it would be nice to be able to splash out and get her the latest Porsche Macan or go on an extravagant holiday such things are not an option for a lot of us blokes. To be fair, if they were we would probably be riding the bachelor wave having the time of our lives anyway right (kidding) (kind of kidding).  Jokes aside, gifts are not about how much they cost, it’s the thought that counts.  As cliche as that saying is, it’s true.  Your girl wants to know that you understand her tastes, likes, dislikes and what gets her going.

We have compiled a few of our favourite options from different price brackets to get you started.  If your budget allows it, mixing a few of these options together works a treat. 


1.  Lingerie

Yes, this may be a no-brainer, but it is amazing how many guys don’t take advantage of this option.  It’s cost effect, and the gift itself is a win-win.  You get to enjoy your girl in some sexy new lingerie.  She gets to feel sexy in her new lingerie.  Make sure you have done your homework to get her sizing right to receive additional browny points.  With regards to style; if you are not confident enough to pick something that you think will work for her body type, make sure you get some help from the pros working from your chosen retailer.

www.bendonlingerie.co.nz and www.bendonlingerie.com.au have really good service and great advice.  The online orders are shipped promptly and come with a free returns option just in case.

Prices from $40 to $200

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2.  Event Tickets

This may be an assumption but it’s usually fair to say that couples enjoy the same bands and genres of music.  With concert ticket sales for this summer already in full swing, there are multiple different options for you.  Again this is a win-win.  You get to spend some quality time together while being at a concert you will both enjoy.  If you’re lucky she may not have known about the act being in town adding a bit of a surprise element. 

www.eventfinder.co.nz and www.eventfinder.com.au are great for seeing what options are available.

 Prices from $50 to $300

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3.  Couples Day Spa

If you haven’t had the spa treatment before this is a must.  Most places will kick you off with a couple of drinks and a private spa to get you warmed up before heading in for a full body and hand massage as well as a facial.  Trust me you will both come out feeling amazing.  Keeping in theme here this is a win win again.  Spend some quality time with your girl while you both get pampered.

Search for day spas in your area that do couples packages.  It pays to shop around to see who has the best location and package.

Prices range from $250 to $500 depending on what package you go for.

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4.  Jewellery

They don't say "Diamonds are a girls best friend” for nothing.  Your better half will always appreciate some new jewellery to add to her collection.  Although, to hit the mark the piece doesn’t necessarily need to include “Diamonds”.  Depending on your budget there are plenty of options out there to make her heart melt.  If you are not going to drop a wad of cash to get something custom made with all the bells and whistles, go for a boutique brand that isn’t your standard generic jewellery.

For custom pieces we would recommend checking out www.culet.co.nz and www.culet.com.au and for a boutique less pricey option go for something like the www.bohrunga.com range.

Prices in this category really have no limit so decide what is feasible for you $200 to $1,000+

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5.  Weekend Away

The surprise weekend away is one of my personal favourites.  Take her away to somewhere that is either new to you both so you can explore together or somewhere with some significance to your relationship.  It can be from camping at the beach to a luxury hotel.  You will know what will suit you both and the most important part is the time you get to spend together.

This option can also be paired well with any of the above options to really sweep her of her feet.

Prices range from $500 to $1,000+ depending on what kind of getaway would suit her.

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