August 12, 2017

It is often argued that in this day and age, romance is dead and gone. In the last 50 years, dating has gone from flower-filled chivalry and sneaking kisses in the back seat of the cinema, to sex-texting and swiping right.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said for bromance. The love between friends who are more like brothers, is alive and well. But haven’t guys always hung out in big packs, drinking and causing general debauchery? Yes, they have. But this, my friends, is slightly different - and a lot more sophisticated.

Boys nights be gone. Lads, say hello to the Man Date.

Man…. What?

Yep, you read correctly. A man date.

The Urban Dictionarydescribes a man date as:

"Two straight guys doing something that would be your standard date, e.g. doing to a film or out for a meal."

Now, we’re not suggesting you swap your dating life for Netflix and Chill with your best friend. A man date is simply a way of engaging socially with a mate who you appreciate and enjoy spending time with, but in a slightly classier way than just going down the pub to sink a few handles.

Epic Man Dates and How to Plan One

A man date requires a little more thought than the boys nights of years gone by. It’s no longer about poker nights in your mate’s garage or bar hopping until someone gets thrown out of a sticky nightclub. These days, catching up with a friend is usually based around conversation and good food, for starters.

We’ve compiled a list of our Top Five tips for the ultimate man date:

1. The Movies - A Timeless Man Date

This is the easy, no-brainer man date.

Going to the movies is a compulsory couple of hours away from it all. No phone, no computer, no chat and no nagging. If you’ve had a busy week at work and don’t feel like engaging in long conversation, watching a decent movie can be the ultimate wind down.

Grab your mate and book yourselves into a Gold Class cinema to watch a new release while you enjoy a beer and a pizza from your lazy boy seat.

2. A Sports Game - The Blokey Man Date

We live in New Zealand, which means there is alwaysa sports game to be watched, somewhere. Even the blokiest of your mates will be up for this man date.

Whether it’s an international rugby match or a local football game, this is a super easy date to organise and allows for decent catch up time while also enjoying the entertainment of live sport and of course - beers.

Couldn’t get tickets in time? Order take away and nab a prime spot in front of the TV for a quality night in. Why limit yourself to one mate when you can invite many? This is the perfect, no-excuses catch up for the whole crew.

3. Dinner - The (B)Romantic Man Date

A dinner date is the perfect way to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. If you need a listening ear or advice from your mate, the best way to converse at length and in depth is over a dinner table. 

New Zealand has no shortage of great restaurants, be it a trendy pop-up food truck or waterfront fine dining. This man date is perfect for foodie friends. Be warned: significant others may get a little jealous of this one!

4. Whiskey Bar - The Refined Man Date

Find a dark, gloomy whiskey bar reminiscent of 1920s Prohibition Era America, where men can be men, and pick a couple of whiskeys to try throughout the evening.*

In a bygone era this was how men spent their Friday nights anyway…. Cigars and monocles optional.

*Don’t drink and drive. Always use Uber, a taxi service or Dial-a-Driver.

5. Live Music - The Cultural Man Date

NZ may be a small country, but we have no shortage of epic bands and artists visiting our shores.

Get tickets early, catch your favourite band and make a night of it. Or head to a smaller, underground venue and who knows - you might find yourself watching the next Jimmy Hendrix. Nothing beats the feeling of live music coursing through your eardrums and the sound of hundreds of sweaty patrons all singing along to your favourite tunes.

Go on…. Pop the Question!

No doubt you’ve got a mate or two who could benefit from a decent heart-to-heart over some good food or a nip of fine whiskey. We’ve given you our favourite ideas, now get on the phone and ask your mate out on a Man Date, stat!