September 30, 2016


This week I have to tell you about a podcast we at Clooney Club have been getting into, MFCEO project. Most mornings on the bus I listen to a podcast of some sort, and if you are looking for a guide to being a bad ass, taking responsibility and ownership of your life, MFCEO will help you.

Andy Frisella is the Mother Fucking CEO, and he explains up the front of every podcast that you don't actually have to the CEO of a company, but you can become the CEO of your life. What I love about the host Andy, is he breaks any of the clean moulds of highly successful people. Andy's message about self-belief, not leaving things to chance, going the extra mile and how to exceed expectations is very motivational. This podcast should be a staple guide to evolving as a human.

Again, we share this to help members be confident in who they are and what they are doing. There are so many little moments in a day in where you can impact someone or something in a way that you would normally 'glass over' or 'cruise through'.

Step back, look and listen and don't leave things to chance - if you don't get any tingly feeling in your stomach and are not more motivated to be a better human, that I don't know what would.

The MFCEOPodcastAndy’s  Facebook Page | Andy’s Instagram account

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