October 02, 2016

So at 31, I am at the best age to be playing chess, I would find women of the age of 23 most attractive, in 16 years from reaching my top earning potential & I have lots of maths and words to learn. Love it.

Ever had the depressing thought that your best years are already behind you? Fear not, as scientists say there is always something better just around the corner. Researchers have analysed a range of studies that assess physical and mental traits as people age, and developed a timeline chart of life's high points.

And some of the numbers may surprise you.

According to scientists, the age at which you reach your peak potential to learn a language is 7, and your brain processing power is on top form at 18.

While some of the peak ages are the same for men and women, it's a different story when it comes to pay packets.

At the carefree age of 23, researchers say both sexes are likely to be feeling smug in the life satisfaction stakes, and you'll be best placed to run a marathon at 28.

Twenty-three is also the point where the research says women's attractiveness to men peaks.

Researchers say women hit their peak salary at 39, while men are at the top of their earning potential at 48.

Both sexes are at their peak powers for playing chess at 31, and the researchers say you'll be best at remembering faces at age 32.

As we rack up birthday candles, a different set of skills emerge. If you're challenged when it comes to numbers, it could be because generally we're not at our peak age for maths ability until we hit 50, and have the biggest vocabulary at age 69.

Proving that age is indeed just a number, perhaps the most surprising date on the chart is the time when we are happiest with our bodies - which is 74 years old, for both men and women. - nzherald

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