July 14, 2016

By now the dust should have settled after a hectic Xmas and New Years, and you are most likely going deep into your first days back at work for the year.    

Like most people the beginning of the new year can be used to establish or re-establish some goals.  

Yes, world domination may sound like a good place to start while at a boozy New Year's Eve party, but it may not be that realistic.

Some helpful advice that we have received is to break down the list into the following:

What do I want to DO

What do I want to HAVE

Who do I want to BE

After speaking with a few of our Clooney Club members, we were able to see a pattern to the types of goals created.  Check out some of our favorite goals below:

  • Personal Development
    • Be more mindful
    • Read more books, articles
  • Fitness, Health & Appearance
    • Run a marathon
    • Complete a triathlon
    • Build a solid gym routine
    • Learn more about healthy eating
    • Lose X amount of kg’s
    • Take better care of my hair
    • Take better care of my skin 
  • Relationships
    • Time to put a ring on it
    • Add to the family
    • Be a better partner
    • Spend more time with friends 
  • Professional Development 
    • Attend more workshops
    • Get better at networking
    • Get a promotion
    • Get a pay rise
  • Financial
    • Buy a new house
    • Buy a first house
    • Start a business
    • Save X amount
  • Hobbies & Entertainment
    • Everyone has their event and travelling bucket list.  
    • Start surfing
    • Do a skydive
    • Play social sport
    • Make a rep team
    • Learn how to take better photos 
  • Big Boys Toys
    • Buy a New Motorbike
    • Buy a New Car
    • Buy a New Boat

You know as well as we do that getting your list written down is only the very first step, and the above items are very broad.  To get things happening, you need to put plans in place to create action.  Each goal needs to be broken down into subtasks to achieve the final result.  

The 24/7/3 rule has worked well for us.  What can I do to achieve my goals in the next 24 hours / the next seven days / the next three weeks. 

Let’s not just hope that 2016 is a good one, let us make it a great one.