August 29, 2018

Four months in, and it's the hardest thing I have ever done. Not only do we have no idea how to raise a human, but we also have to do it on what feels a few hours of sleep per night. I still remember the first hours after Rome was born, thinking "have they left us alone with him already". The secret is you don't need to know anything on day 1. Every new day we are blessed with, we learn who our son is, and keep trying to raise a smart, healthy gentleman. 

My wife and I are lucky; we have a vast support network of family, friends and the antenatal group. You quickly find out any subjective judgements you may have had, just don't apply anymore. When we find ourselves at 3 am in the bathroom covered in everything, anything goes. 

Turning my mind to my first Fathers Day, for me, it's more about being a husband - I know that will change as Rome gets a little older. However, my number one priority is my wife; so her number one priority can be our son. Leaving them in the morning gives me a sense of pride that I can take care of my family and offer them the environment to be their best. And while the pressure to maintain this can feel like I'm drowning, one smile from my son and one word of appreciation from my wife makes everything else quiet.

Fatherhood follows a fundamental life principle, the harder you work, the bigger the reward. Commitment, sacrifice, selflessness for my family, has already lead to the most rewarding time of my life, I can only be excited about what's to come.