April 25, 2017

It’s a decision no man ever wants to be faced with: choosing between giving up sex and alcohol for a year orgoing bald.

But a recent study by Alpecin, a German haircare brand that specialises in hair loss, has found that if it came down to it, most Kiwi men would prefer the former over the latter. Yes, that’s right, a whopping 70 percent of men surveyed would rather give up sex for a year than go bald. A further three-quarters of men between the ages of 20 and 49 would also turn down their favourite alcoholic beverage for an entire year than lose their crowning glory.

The study also revealed that over one-third of men and women think hair loss has a significant impact on self-esteem and confidence, with as many as one in five males believing they are less attractive to potential partners because of it. Dr Adolf Klenk, an Alpecin hair specialist, said that losing your hair can affect the way you view yourself and how you believe others view you, hence the sacrifices some Kiwi men would be willing to make if faced with a life without hair.

While genetics or hereditary factors may be to blame in some cases, 33 percent of men attribute hair loss to stress and work. Five percent even went so far as to blame their own wives for their hair loss. Regardless of the cause, there were a number of things Kiwi men were not prepared to lose over a head of hair. A year’s salary was considered not worth sacrificing, said 85 percent of the men surveyed. Men also agreed that they would rather lose their hair than suffer erectile dysfunction. A further 80 per cent of men said that they would choose owning a house in the Auckland property market over having a head of luscious locks, and nearly 90 percent of women agreed with this. It should be noted that 50 percent of women also said they’d prefer their man to have a thick head of hair rather than a large penis. Ahem.

Whatever you’re rocking up top, whether it be a lion-like mane or a close shave to keep the balding at bay, we believe confidence is key and youth preservation is priority. If your hair needs a helping hand in the style department, try our Walker Fiber or Specter Pomade. Alternately, our nutrient-rich hair and beard dyes are awesome for hiding pesky greys.