January 31, 2018

    1. Make excuses.

    I find that every excuse I use, devalues my word. When I listen to someone else's excuses, it lowers my expectations of them. There are always going to be times where things don’t go to plan, and it seems it has become second nature to try and rationalise it either through shifting the blame or making excuses. Don’t do that. Own the situation, and move forward. This is likely to boost your self-worth and the confidence other people have in you.

    2. Have Toxic People around you.

    You are a reflection of your friends. Last year I saw a massive transformation in a friend who (by design) became much more motivated and driven to 'tick shit off', simply because he was spending time with a weapon of a human. It was an awesome reminder of  the types of people I choose to surround myself with and influence my being, the people I want to invest in , and why. We all know those people we bump into, and immediately feel refreshed  or inspired by.  It’s time we ask ourselves who are the people filling our goodness tanks.

    3. Procrastinate.

    Rip the band-aid off.  Like excuses, procrastination rarely leads to better outcomes. In fact, often putting things off, leads to a less likelihood of achieving your goals and/or doing them justice. At Clooney Club we made a conscious choice not to indulge in “new year resolutions” this year.  Instead, we are just going to do shit. If we were truly honest with ourselves, we know what needs to be changed, so why not just do it? That’s all the motivation you should need.

    4. Be dependent on others.

    Dependent people take a lot of administration, they drain energy, and they lose sight of who they are. Learn to be happy with yourself, and in the same breath, let others be by themselves. Unless someone has asked you for help or they are in dire need of intervention, get out of other people’s lives. Don’t impose your views or judge, just worry about you and those you are responsible for.

    5. Indulge in drama.

    “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff”.

    It’s always a timely reminder. I look at my mentors and try to understand the things that they grapple with; it often dwarfs any issues I have on my plate that week. The reason for that is, my issues aren’t really issues, or at least they are not the type of issues I want. I find comfort in the misgivings of smaller things, knowing there are bigger things to worry about. We don't want to have to rely on untimely reminders.