The Beginner’s Guide to Beard Growing

The Beginner’s Guide to Beard Growing

When it comes to facial hair, nothing is as timeless as a well groomed beard.

These days, there are a huge variety of beards out there. From the burly and blokey to the clippered and coiffured, beards have made a huge comeback in the past few years and it looks like they are here to stay.

No doubt you have considered growing a beard at some stage in your adult life, so what’s stopping you? If you’re particularly baby-faced, a beard can help add some masculinity to your mug. It can also give a chiseled impression to your jawline which adds instant lumberjack appeal.

If you’ve decided to give beard-growing a go, follow our simple steps. Let’s just say, there’s more to it than just letting your facial hair grow wildly across your jaw:

Select a style

It’s best to have some idea of what style of beard you want to try and grow, before you get started. This way you can shape it and sculpt it accordingly.

You need to consider the shape of your face, the colour of your facial hair and the pattern in which your hair grows. Check out your favourite bearded celebrities and guys you know for style inspiration. As your beard grows you can trim it to keep it in line with the style you have chosen.

Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be(ard).

Not all of us are meant to have a beard - perhaps you’re just not made for it. You might be able to grow a scruffy little tuft but nothing more. While that may be a disappointment at first, the quicker you come to terms with it, the faster you can move on from your beardy dreams.

There are all sorts of myths when it comes to growing a beard quicker - that trimming or shaving regularly will make it grow faster, or shampooing and conditioning it will ensure it grows long and luscious. Sadly there is no medical proof around any of this. You truly just have to wait out the growing process.

Stay healthy

While there’s no known way of speeding up your hair growth, you can ensure that you grow a thick, full beard by leading a healthier lifestyle. It sounds too easy, right? But it’s true - sleep, skincare and diet will all affect the healthiness of your facial hair as you grow it. 

A diet enriched with healthy fats and fish oil keeps hair healthy, and exercising (particularly weightlifting) can help kick your testosterone levels up a gear which ultimately promotes good beard growth. Poor sleep, poor diet and a lot of unhealthy stress is ultimately not good for healthy hair growth.

Start as you mean to go on

Keeping your facial hair in good nick right from the moment you start growing it, is crucial to ending up with a thick, luscious beard.

Keep the skin around your beard clean and moisturised, use a decent face wash to help with this.

We’re going to warn you right now: there will be times where it feels almost impossible not to mess with your beard. It will go through stages of being itchy and irritated, and you’ll suffer both stray and ingrown hairs. When this happens, it’s more important than ever to keep your beard clean, washed and dried. These stages shouldn’t last too long, so stick with it if you want to see results!

Once the hair goes from ‘stubbly’ to soft and ‘bushy’ you can begin to integrate beard care products into your regular skincare routine. A good place to start is with a decent beard oil. This will keep your beard and your skin feeling soft and healthy. Simply comb it through as and when you need it. Our Travel Man Beard Oil is perfect for this, available online now.

Stay in shape

Once you’ve grown your beard to the length and style that you’re happy with, it’s then important to maintain it. Find a barber you’re really happy with and listen to the advice they give you. He/she will know best when it comes to styling your beard and keeping it in shape. 

At home you can keep your freshly grown facial hair in check with regular combing, trimming any strays and shaving around your cheeks and neckline to prevent any potential neckbeard situations.

Go for it!

Growing a beard is a great way of changing your look and your personal style. We love a good beard and reckon they’ll be around for a long time yet - so get growing!

How to Literally ‘Get Better With Age’ in 5 Steps

How to Literally ‘Get Better With Age’ in 5 Steps

When it comes to ageing, we all want to be able to use the old adage: ‘like a fine wine’. But how easy is it to get better looking as you age?

When it comes to ageing gracefully, it’s all about paying attention to the finer details and having a consistent routine. Applying eye cream every day might seem niggly now, but this small attention to detail will pay off in the long run. 

Want to retain your youthful appearance and glowing complexion a la Mr Duhamel? Read on and we’ll show you how in five simple steps:

1. Keep Your Hair Healthy

Your hair could very well be one of the first things a person notices about you. Is your mop dry and straw-like? Greasy and slick? Are you losing your hair or going grey? Pay attention and treat your locks accordingly. Above all - keep your hair clean and well hydrated. As hair ages, it can become coarser and more wiry, however with the right products you can restore its texture and appearance so that it looks and feels invigorated and well nourished. Looking for a great product for your hair? Try Hunter Lab – Invigorating Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner. Both products contain Silk Protein and Hemp Oil, two ingredients rich in protein and antioxidants, which help cleanse your hair while keeping it hydrated so it looks smooth, strong and healthy. Hunter Lab - Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner are available online, here.

2. Perfect a Low-Key Hairstyle

As you get older - and no doubt, busier - a low-key-but-polished hairstyle is crucial to an effortlessly cool look. Keep hair trimmed and tidy by visiting a barber regularly. If you’re going grey, embrace it with confidence or invest in a quality hair colour that matches your natural tone. To really nail that ‘just rolled out of bed’ look every time, use a flexible pomade or fiber like Specter Pomade or Walker Fiber. With ingredients like Manuka honey, avocado and beeswax, Walker Fiber keeps hair and scalp nourished and healthy, whilst providing a medium hold for your style. Specter Pomade contains coconut oil, jojoba oil and kiwifruit seed oil, among other natural ingredients. It provides all the nutrients your hair and scalp needs to stay healthy, while offering a firm hold. These products are super easy to use: just rub a dime-sized amount between your hands and apply to damp hair from back to front. Tousle, then leave it alone. Specter Pomade and Walker Fiber are available online, here.

3. Get your Skincare Routine Down Pat

Establishing a good skincare routine early on is key to graceful ageing. The benefits are immediate in that you’ll be able to maintain clean, clear, glowing skin. In the long run, you’ll slow the visible signs of ageing and minimise wrinkles. Booking in for the occasional facial is also hugely beneficial as it exfoliates skin and improves circulation. There’s no shame in booking a regular appointment - once-a-month if you can - and seeing a beautician who can tailor a facial to your skin’s specific needs. Start your skincare routine with a decent cleansing scrub and use it regularly. We recommend Hunter Cleansing Facial Scrub, available here. It’s a 2-in-1 foaming cleanser full of natural ingredients to keep your skin polished and glowing. Follow up the scrub with Hunter Daily Face Fuel Moisturiser, available here. The nutrient rich ingredients, such as passion flower extracts, avocado and macadamia oils, intensely hydrate and rejuvenate skin, giving it a brighter, more youthful appearance.

4. Use an Eye Cream Daily

Crow’s Feet - or the fine lines running from your eyes to your temples - are one of the most noticeable signs of ageing. An easy fix for these? Eye cream. But if you’re gonna use it, do it every day! After washing and cleansing your face, apply Hunter Anti-Aging Elixir, available here. This serum shows wrinkles who’s boss with key ingredients such as passionfruit seed oil and macadamia seed oil to help reduce the signs of premature ageing and sun-damaged skin.

5. Get Body Hair Under Control

We’re not just talking about your beard, which may also get more wiry and coarse with age. Focus on nose and ear hair as well, along with eyebrows. Pluck or trim any strays and if waxing is required, see a professional. Chest hair grows as we age, and you may notice the same wiry hairs cropping up on your back as well. Basic manscaping will keep on top of this and if done correctly, won’t cause irritation or pain. We recommend the Groom Mate, available online here, it’s a battery-free (and pain-free!) nose and ear hair trimmer which is simple to use and will help you keep on top of those pesky strays.

Essential Grooming Tips for Every Groom

Essential Grooming Tips for Every Groom

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most significant days of your life. Whether you’re a limelight-stealing person by nature or not, this is one day that the spotlight will definitely be on you. Knowing your going to be the subject of hundreds of photos should be reason enough to get your grooming habits into tip top shape!

We’ve compiled a list of simple yet effective, easy-to-follow grooming tips for every groom-to-be:

1. Get Washed

The most basic grooming habit of them all! From the moment you set a wedding date, get your skincare routine in order. Out with the splash-of-soap-and-water once a day and in with the cleanser and exfoliator twice daily. We recommend Hunter Cleansing Facial Scrub as a good starting point, or the Hunter Daily Tool Kit for the full works.

2. Water, Water, Water

We can’t stress this one enough: two litres of water a day, starting right now! The mighty H2O not only flushes your insides of toxins and impurities, but clears up troublesome skin and blemishes too. This is a great habit to get into and you’ll reap many benefits just by increasing your water intake each day.

3. Know your Products

Make sure you’re using the right products for your skin! While dry skin needs one type of product, sensitive skin or skin prone to breakouts needs something completely different. Talk to an expert and try a bunch of testers to ensure your skincare products are suited to your skin type. Avoid trying new products, or chopping and changing between different types of skincare just before your wedding day - a breakout just before the big day is not something any groom wants! Check out the Hunter range of skincare for a product to suit your skin. On that note: if you’re having a summer wedding - don’t forget sunscreen! A nose like Rudolph in your wedding photos? Not a good look.

4. Manly Manicure

Getting a decent manicure and pedicure is not just something reserved for the bride and her bridesmaids. Sure, you might not opt for a full set of french polished gel nails, but get those fingernails in a sightly order at the very least, before the big day! There’s going to be a lot of focus on a certain ring finger on the day and the last thing anyone wants to see is ragged, chewed, or worse - dirty - fingernails. If you’re having a casual, beach wedding sans shoes then the same goes for your toenails.

5. Sort the Stubble

Every man likes his beard at a different stage of growth. Whether it’s the day after a fresh shave, or about four days down the track, figure out which stage of hair growth you like best and time your shave accordingly with your wedding day. Do a few trial runs in the lead up to the wedding to get your routine down pat for the big day. If you’re going to use a barber or get a hot towel shave pre-wedding (we’re big advocates for this!) take the time to find a barber you like and make a couple of visits to him/her before the wedding, to talk through what you want and ensure they’ve got your look locked down.

6. Know your Mo

If having a mo is your personal style trademark, then by all means don’t change just before the big day. Your wife-to-be either loves it, or has grown used it by now, so why rock the boat? Keep it neat, tidy and trimmed and we’re sure you’ll rock it - bonus points if your wedding is in November. If having a mo is not your regular look and you just “think” your bride might like your lip slug when she sees it for the first time as she approaches the altar - think again. The aisle is not a place for trying out new ‘dos - and that goes for haircuts, beards, piercings and outfits as well! Stick to your classic look and let your confidence shine through.

7. The Big Day Beard

Bearded grooms are among some of the most dapper on their big day. If you’re sporting a beard on your wedding day, keep it in trimmed into shape and invest in a beard oil or beard-specific conditioner that will keep it soft and shiny. Trim it on a weekly basis so that you have it the length you want on your wedding day without having to do any major trims the day before - or worse: the morning of.

8. Hair Care

We all know that it usually takes about a week for a new haircut to look ‘right’. For the first day or so it looks a bit too ‘done’ and can often look a lot shorter than what you thought you’d asked for! Give your style time to settle without compromising on neat-and-tidiness on the big day, by getting a haircut about a week beforehand. Suss your hair products out too. As with skincare - don’t deviate from your usual products and styling routine. Stick to what you know works for you. Check out the Clooney Club range of hair products and test a few out in advance of your big day.

9. Snip the Strays

Hey, we all get them. Those pesky stray hairs that seem to appear out of nowhere. Keep your eyebrows, nose and ear hairs trimmed and tidied with a trimmer, to avoid last minute surprises before you make your altar appearance. The Groom Mate Nose & Ear Trimmer is quite literally a Groom’s mate in the lead up to the big day.

10. Wax On, Wax Off

Say the word ‘waxing’ and most men’s eyes widen with fear. Thankfully these days it’s not the only option when it comes to ‘manscaping’. Laser hair removal, hair removal cream or a decent trimmer are relatively pain-free alternatives to the old hot bowl ‘o wax. Whether you take it all off or just do a little light tidying, a decent ‘scape all over will likely highly appreciated by your other half on your wedding night.

11. Keep a Smile on the Dial

Wedding days usually mean a lot of smiling and laughing - and photographs. There’s no better time to show off your pearly whites, so make sure they’re actually white! If you’re a smoker, coffee lover or self-proclaimed red wine connoisseur, your teeth may need a little boost of whitening before the big day – otherwise you may have to pay extra for in post editing. This can be easily achieved with a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste and professional cleaning in the months leading up to your wedding. If your discoloured teeth are causing you suffering, then a professional cleaning treatment may be the way to go. Investigate your options and again, do any treatments well in advance to avoid any sensitivity on the big day.

12. Breathe Easy

Wedding days also mean a lot of chatting to people and getting up close and personal. Fresh breath is an absolute necessity. Nerves can alter the way our breath smells, as can a variety of foods which may be served at a wedding - not to mention alcohol. Brush, floss and rinse on the morning of your big day, and again after eating. Keep mints handy, but remember to get rid of any chewing gum before your photos.

13. Hair of the Dog

Does it really work? Or is it just a myth? Whatever you believe, don’t leave it to chance on the morning of your big day. If you had one too many with the groomsmen the night before your wedding, bust that hangover as soon as you can. Cure under-eye bags with cold packs - cucumber works wonders, as do small packs of frozen peas. Wash your face in crisp, cold water and use a rich moisturiser to put some pep back into your skin. Drink as much water as possible - starting with a big mug of hot water and fresh lemon as soon as you wake up. This will detox your system and get rid of last night’s over indulgences before you make your big appearance as groom.

14. Scent of a Man

Your cologne choice is important. Still dousing yourself in a cloud of spray-on like you did when you were 15? Time to up the stakes. A chic cologne speaks volumes, whether you stick to your signature scent or buy something specially for the big day. With cologne, less is often more. Smelling manly and sophisticated is one thing, giving your bride a headache from your over-spritzing, is another.

15. Tool Time

Make sure all of your trimmers, shavers, tweezers and clippers are in top working order in the lead up to the big day. This is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding and won’t be close to home to pick up spare parts or battery packs should something stop working. Make sure electric razors, toothbrushes and trimmers are charged and ready to go, should they be needed. Keep spare blades handy and keep them sharp - no one wants a last minute shave with a blunt razor just before facing the crowds on the big day. Keep a spare toothbrush handy, as well as floss and toothpicks.

Wrap up

Looking your best on your wedding day is simple, if you are prepared and have the right products and tools for your skin and hair. Here at Clooney Club we believe in striving to look your best every day, and it’s easy with our range of hair and skin products.

Grooming Tips To Score The Dream Job

Grooming Tips To Score The Dream Job

A job interview can be a daunting experience, even if you’re highly skilled in your profession or trade. When you’re preparing for a job interview, a good place to start is with some basic grooming. Knowing that you look tidy and professional will not only give a good first impression, it will make you feel more confident in yourself as well.

Want to feel like a boss at your next job interview? Follow these simple grooming tips:

  1. It all starts with oral hygiene. It’s as simple as brushing, flossing and mouth-washing daily. Avoid pungent foods such as onion or garlic before meeting with your interviewer and if possible, give your teeth a last minute clean pre-interview.
  1. We’ve all met that guy whose cologne was overpowering enough to make your eyes water. Don’t be that guy. Especially in a job interview. When it comes to applying cologne: less is more.
  1. Keeping facial hair neat and trimmed means more than just shaving once a week. It’s also about trimming hair in the ears and nostrils and keeping unruly eyebrows at bay. It only takes a few minutes to sort out pesky hairs which may otherwise make you appeared unkempt and scruffy in a job interview.
  1. Your hair is a window into your personality, but it’s important that for job interviews it is kept neat and tidy. Use a styling product that gives your hair a natural looking hold, rather than a gel that clumps hair together and gives a sticky looking appearance. A good hair styling product should be part of your everyday grooming routine, so choose one that is made with natural ingredients to maintain scalp and hair health. Clooney Club specialises in nutrient enriched hair products made from ingredients straight from Mother Nature.
  1. Be proud of your face and let your lips do the talking! Shave carefully using a quality razor and shaving products to avoid razor cuts or nicks. Keep lip balm on hand to prevent dry, chapped lips and apply it before going into your interview. A daily grooming routine is a must, especially as we get older and the effects of stress, age and the elements start to become obvious. Hunter Lab skin care range has all of the essentials for a great daily grooming regime.
  1. You should have listened to your mum - chewing your nails is a bad habit! Put a stop to any nail or cuticle chewing NOW. If your nails are in bad repair, invest in a manicure. Tidy, clean nails are an absolute must when going into an interview.
  1. If you’re rocking a beard… we salute you! It’s an awesome look on many men, but if you’re a bearded dude you need to make sure that it’s kept tidy and doesn’t look unruly. Making sure your beard is shaped and doesn’t have any scraggly hairs sticking out is the first step to looking well groomed. A common offence is the neck beard - make sure yours is shaped accordingly. Use a beard oil where necessary and always check for stray hairs before stepping out the door to meet your interviewer.

Now that you look neat, tidy and well presented you can bring energy and personality to your interview, with confidence and charisma. Getting on top of grooming means you can focus on other important things such as making sure your CV highlights your best attributes and of course…..what to wear!

Skin Care for Men: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Skin Care for Men: Prevention is Better Than Cure

A man’s face is the window to his soul. It is vital to all connections and relationships. When it comes to making a lasting impression, the face is the key player.

Long gone are the days when men who endeavoured to look after their skin were ridiculed or labelled as vain or self-absorbed. We say good riddance to those close-minded days! We’re all about making skin care as much a part of our grooming routine as shaving or getting a haircut is. And we know that by putting some effort in now, we’ll reap the rewards later in life.

Hunter Lab aims to arm modern men with the knowledge and the tools required to tackle the effects of harsh climates and hectic lifestyles, face first. We believe that if you can start a simple skin care routine now, you can change the appearance and health of your skin, whilst slowing signs of aging dramatically. All it takes is a few simple tweaks to your already established morning and evening routines. 

Simple Daily Skin Care

Getting on the fast track to youthful, healthy looking skin is as simple as adding a few extra steps into your everyday rituals. We recommend using the Cleansing Facial Scrub when you’re having your daily shower - or every second day if you have sensitive skin.

Follow on from this cleanser with the Daily Face Fuel, which provides lasting hydration and can be used throughout the day for extra dry skin. Before going to bed, use the Anti-Aging Elixir to help repair and restore skin while you sleep.

If you suffer breakouts across your body, the Body Bar is a must-have shower companion. It works by exfoliating and removing build ups that could lead to clogged pores and further breaking out. 

By incorporating these products into your routine, you’ll slow the inevitable signs of aging and be able to enjoy a youthful appearance for longer.

Why Skin Care for Men?

Our skin is the largest organ our body has, and a pretty bloody awesome one at that. It protects and covers us, regulates temperature and often shows the first signs when something is imbalanced.

As men, our skin composition differs from that of women and must be looked after accordingly. Our stronger hormones mean that we produce higher levels of oil, and the thickness and strength of our skin makes it difficult to deliver hydration to our skin’s deepest layers. 

Without a decent routine to cleanse, moisturise and protect our skin, it becomes susceptible to clogging and irritation. Not to mention it is weakened and ages more noticeably thanks to our shaving habits.

Thankfully, our skin needs only a little bit of care to keep it healthy and youthful looking. Simply cleaning, nourishing and protecting it will go a long, long way in terms of slowing down aging and preventing breakouts and dehydration.

When it comes to skin care for men, prevention is better than cure, and Hunter Lab has the products to keep you looking and feeling youthful for a long time to come.


Walker Fiber vs Specter Pomade

Walker Fiber vs Specter Pomade

 Walker Fiber

This is the stuff that will give your hair the good rough look.  Build to texturize your hair into any style you want.  Developed as the 'i wake up like this' type of feel. 

Don't be confused by all the other names for the same matte outcome aka clay, putty, paste, mud. 

  • Matte Finish
  • Medium Hold
Buy Walker Fiber here.

    Specter Pomade 

    Smooth criminal.  This was built to achieve a firm, wet and neat look without drying out or flaking like gel.  This can achieve different levels of hold and shine depending on the amount you use. 

    Pomade styling product is very versatile, you would have seen it used for the pomp, side part, disconnected side part, quiff, slick backs, pompadour and the likes. 

    • Natural Shine Finish
    • Firm Hold
    Buy Specter Pomade here.

      Our Styling products

      We developed this formulation over a year with input from barbers and a trichologist while also testing on our Clooney Club members.  After many iterations of the product, we ironed out, scent, performance, ingredients and texture.  What you will receive is the pick of the lot.  Like many of our members, we know you will love it. 

      We were fed up with product scents that stuck around all day, or product that wouldn't wash out in the shower, a product that wouldn’t perform through the day, it wouldn't reshape after a little rain or the $40+ price tag through a few hands of 100% markup.  As guys, we wanted to keep it simple. 

      Both styling products have:

      • Cool Dark Wax Scent
      • Nutrient Enriched for healthy hair and scalp
      • Natural Ingredients
      • Paraben & Silicon Free
      • Clooney Club Satchel Included
      • Designed From Feedback From Clooney Club Members
      • Trichologist Tested
      • Made in New Zealand 
      • 90g


      Clooney Club Pomade Hair Styling Product Called Specter

      Clooney Club Pomade Hair Styling Product Called Specter

      A pomade type styling product that has a shine finish.

      Smooth criminal. This was built to achieve a firm, wet and neat look without drying out or flaking like gel. This can achieve different levels of hold and shine depending on the amount you use.

      Specter is for the pomp, side part, disconnected side part, quiff, slick backs, pompadour and the likes. I like to use it for as my regular when heading out at night to give my hair a little more shine.

      We were fed up with product scents that stuck around all day, or product that wouldn't wash out in the shower, the product that wouldn't perform through the day, or it wouldn't reshape after a little rain or the $40+ price tag through a few hands of 100% markup. As guys, we wanted to keep it simple.

      We developed this formulation over a year with input from a trichologist and testing on our Clooney Club members. After many iterations of the product, we ironed out, scent, performance, ingredients and texture. What you will receive is the pick of the lot.

      The key ingredients that this hair styling product incorporate are

      • Coconut Oil: Prevents hair breakage and split ends and stimulates growth
      • Tsubaki Oil: Conditions the hair shaft, stimulates the scalp and encourages the growth of healthy hair.
      • Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil: Prevents hair loss, stimulates growth, helps fight dandruff and rough and dry hair.
      • Jojoba Oil: Remove the sebum which is present at the scalp thereby promoting hair growth

      All of which were introduced with the help of a trichologist to ensure healthier hair & scalp, preserving your look for longer.

      The Pomade has a subtle Wood Wax natural scent. This scent was created to smell obviously manly, but it will not be obtrusive, nor will it compete with deodorant, aftershave or fragrance. We are keeping it simple.

      We would love you to join our members in the development of future products, and like them, we know you will love this one.

      Check out Specter here. 

      Clooney Club Members Review:

      Joshua: I'm so pumped with that Specter is so legit man. To be honest, it took me a couple of times to get used to it, but I have been so impressed. I put it in at 6.30am and don't touch it all day, and it's still perfect when I get home at 7 pm been going straight to basketball from work on Mondays too, and it holds up perfect through the game too. No product I've used in the past has worked as well as the hair magic you have created. Sorry for the long winded message bud just wanted you to know how happy I am with your product

      Ajay: I love it. I've used pomade before, and this doesn't dry my hair as much. Feels pretty much the same at the end of the day as it did when you put it on in the morning. Smells good too! Will def be reordering!

      Theres a Little Specter In All Of Us

      Theres a Little Specter In All Of Us

      For some reason when I mention Pomade to people, they pretend they have never heard of it, or its just so far beyond them they would never try it. Simply put, there is nothing scary about it. It's a styling product that leaves a natural shine or wet look, depending on the brand and amount you use. I would say that our Specter Pomade is ideal for those who want a lighter product with a stronger hold, and those with dry hair or scalp.

      Specter Pomade is my daily user. I like it because I don't have to use too much, I can use it on near dry hair, and it requires minimum finger intrusion leaving a nice look. On the other hand, when I am going full black tie styled. I use a little more; hit is while it's a little damper and massages it through before defining the part and coming over.

      I found a neat little article from GQ Style that I thought would help any man get his head around Pomade:




      A lot of guys think their hair has to be completely dry before using pomade. Really, you want it to be damp enough to be malleable, but not so wet as to reject all of the natural oils in the pomade. Basically, you want it to feel like it's just five to ten minutes from being dry, as though you just walked out of the ocean, gave it a quick shake and are letting the sun bake it.


      When it comes to the question of "how much pomade to use," we've heard everything from a dime to a dollop. But, like the variety of product, there isn't one answer that will work for everyone. That said, it's best to start with a little bit and add more as needed. (It's a lot easier to add pomade to your head than it is to remove). Start by scraping a teaspoon's worth on your pointer and middle finger and transfer it to your other hand. Rub your palms and fingers together (the way you would if you were washing them) until there​'s equal goop coating your hands. There—you've now got yourself two locked-and-load styling weapons.


      The first cut is the deepest and with pomade, the first touch is the most important. Some people start from the back, others attack at the bangs. We say start everywhere at once. Using both hands, massage the pomade into your hair from both sides as if it were shampoo. Spike it straight up to give you access to your hair near the roots. This will help evenly distribute the product and prevent dreaded clumping.


      Using a comb (or your hands if you want a slightly messier look) part your hair at the point in your head right above the temple. Dab a little more pomade into the crease, working the shorter hairs down and the longer hairs up. Use as much pomade as is needed to keep the part in tact throughout the day.

      GET WAVY

      The trick to a flowing wave of hair that cascades luxuriously back and away from your face is to lather up the sides of your head first, then ​dive into the main event. Start by slicking your side hairs back with as much pomade as you need. Then, comb the hair on the top of your head to the side and finish it off by push your bangs straight back. Don't expect it to look perfect on the first pass, but practice makes perfect.

      BACK IT UP

      Lastly, don't forget the back of your head! We know you can't see it, but everyone else can. Once everything's awesome up front, take just a pinch of pomade and, starting at the top, wipe your hands down the back of your head. There--now you're looking great from 360 degrees.

      Blog Credit: GQ Style

      Five Grooming Tips To Make A Great First Impression & Bag A Future Wife.

      Five Grooming Tips To Make A Great First Impression & Bag A Future Wife.

      How you present yourself, is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?

      The ole chestnut of "you never get a second chance to make a first impression". I think we inherently look for a total package; we admire those who seem well rounded, well presented, honest and stand for more than the national anthem. My fiancé remembers precisely the first time she met me, under what circumstances, what I was wearing and how I smelt. She often jokes that it was a big con, as I have never put that much effort into my appearance since locking her down. She's probably not far from the truth.
      Working life is different for me, even if I have a slow day ahead of me, or its 'Casual Friday' I always like to be suited and booted as I never know who I will bump into and what scenario I'll get thrown into.

      Here are the quick five grooming tips to make sure you make that great first impression on your future wife ;)

      1. Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow Hair

      Not able to tell where one eyebrow ends and the other begins? You better believe she’ll notice. That extends to other areas of the face where stubborn hairs sprout up, too—like the nose and ears. In fact, we surveyed Women’s Health US readers last year, and found they’re more likely to chat up a guy with terrible breath than one with visible nose hair. Now imagine the possibilities if you have great breathe and not a nose hair in sight?

      Your move: Take care of wild eyebrows with slant-tip tweezers that grab the hair and remove it with almost no pain at all. As for the nose and ears: If you can see hair, you should groom it. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ is the multitasking tool that’s a great addition to any medicine cabinet. It has a special ear-and-nose detailer to make getting rid of those hairs a breeze.

      2. Teeth

      Your mouth is another key focal point for women—and it makes sense, since she’s often eye level or sitting right across from you at a table. Two hundred Women’s Health readers weighed in on what about the opposite sex catches their eyes. The No. 2 thing she notices is your smile, followed by your teeth at No. 3. Smiling also makes you seem trustworthy, according to University of Pittsburgh researchers. Make her feel comfortable from the get-go by flashing your pearly whites.

      Your Move: Whiten up. Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Baking Soda and Peroxide Toothpaste effectively remove stains for cleaner, whiter teeth, according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

      3. Neck Hair

      Women immediately notice when someone’s got a clean neckline, “They’re so detail oriented about their own grooming, they extend this close inspection to men as well,” Mr Savarese owner of (mens grooming spa). Overgrown neck hair can seriously throw off your look—and you’ve got to pay even closer attention when you’ve got a longer hairstyle. Otherwise, you risk looking like an overgrown mountain man.

      Your Move: Stop by your barber for neck touch ups in between cuts. They cost just a fraction of a normal cut and drastically extend the time between trims.

      4. Fingernails

      Professional and personal relationships start with a handshake—so it’s vital to keep yours up to par, Savarese says. No woman wants to hold hands with a guy whose nails look like he’s been foraging in the forest for months.

      Your move: Muster up the courage to visit a nail salon. Don’t be gun-shy about manicures. They mostly involve getting your hands and arms massaged, with a little clean up along the way. If you’d prefer not to have a clear topcoat applied to your nails, just ask them to focus on your cuticles and a quick cleaning and buffing of your nails.

      5. Fragrance

      “Women notice when you have too much product,” Savarese says. And we're not just talking cologne. Pay attention to the strong-scented body wash you use after your gym session, too. Make sure a whiff of the stuff won't knock her over. Certain fragrance-heavy soaps are overkill—a little goes a long way.

      Your Move: Be sure to go for a body wash that’s simple and not overly scented, like the fragrance-free Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash or fresh-scented Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Pump Body Wash. - Men's Health

      At Clooney Club we can only get you so far, our club culture is to instil a support system in place for lads to gain the confidence achieve any goal, and to be whomever they wish to be. Men's hair colour might not be the solution for you, regardless, if you have hair on your head, one of our styling products will be right for you. Check out our products to find what's right for you HERE.

      Pomade vs Fibre vs Cream vs Wax: What to Wear When?

      Pomade vs Fibre vs Cream vs Wax: What to Wear When?



      While not necessarily “grease,” pomades make your hair have a high-gloss sheen.  Or, if you use a truly shiny pomade, it makes your hair look wet.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as some hairstyles—the pompadour, for instance—actually do well with a glossy finish.

      On top of that, you may find pomade that actually nourishes your hair. Think of it as a product that does double duty—cleans up your flyaways and polishes up your hair while giving it a dose of nutrients that help keep your glorious locks healthy.

      It’s important to note, too, that it’s a bad idea to run your fingers through your hair when it has pomade in it. The product itself is designed to stay pliable, which means it doesn’t dry like a hairspray or mousse. While that means the holding power of pomade isn’t as strong as a powerful gel that keeps your hair in place with rigidity, a neat, combed hairstyle benefits greatly from good-quality pomade.

      Those with medium- to somewhat long-length hair works best with pomade since the weight of your hair also keeps the style in place.


      Fiber’s tough stuff—some of the most powerful pliable product out there. Since I’m cursed with the untamable Asian “porcupine hair” (if my hair is too short, it sticks straight up in all directions against the wishes of everyone), fiber is my go-to choice. It’s the only thing that can essentially comb down the “quills” without having to resort to something desperate.

      Fiber is generally thick, kind of like an almost dried-out wax that takes a little force to get out of the container. It may come off in small hunks, and for that reason can’t be simply combed into your hair.

      Once you get it out, you have to work it into your palms so the fiber “relaxes” and starts to spread. Then you can add it into your hair.

      Fiber’s general dryness translates into the ability to add volume to your hair. You can get the “bedhead” kind of look using fiber since it has a matte finish. Similar to pomade, you probably won’t be running your fingers through your hair for a different reason. Since the fiber binds the strands of your hair together, you could end up pulling out some hair if you’re not careful. Fiber is used for spiking or texture, not so much the sleek, wet look pomades afford.

      This product is generally used for a shorter cut (2.5cm to 7cm), since if you use it on longer hair, you’d most likely end up with a tangled mess.


      While there are numerous variations, hair creams are usually the middle-of-the-road types of products. They don’t offer the weight or gloss of pomade, and they don’t have that dry powerful hold fibers and clays do.

      If you have thin hair—the type that, if you were to just mess up your hair it’d stay messy—creams are a nice way to create texture and also add a little shine to your hair at the same time without tangling or damaging it with fiber/clay or weighing it down with pomade.

      The nice thing about grooming creams is that there’s a lot of variation in hair creams. Whether you want more shine or more hold, creams most likely have an iteration of what you’re looking for.

      Like both pomade and fiber, some creams you can find have a nutritional aspect to it (for your hair).


      Wax gives your strands a matte finish, and it’s thicker than gel, but doesn’t harden or feel sticky.

      Most waxes are oil-based and have a moderate hold, which makes them more difficult to wash out. To apply, shape your hair in the direction you style it while it’s drying. Take a small amount of wax and spread it evenly across your hands.

      Apply it once your hair is completely dry starting at the back to avoid clumping near the front. For extra hold, add hairspray to your waxed finish.

      To read more from the articles follow these links:


      Top 6 reasons why men want to cover their greys

      Top 6 reasons why men want to cover their greys

      Using colour isn’t just about covering greys for guys, it’s more than that.  It’s being able to achieve a look that gives you confidence, and that helps you craft the style that you desire.  From our experience with talking to Clooney Club members, we have found that these are the most common reasons why they have turned to colour.

      1. Colour Consistency
      Not all grey hair is created equal.  It can be patchy and sporadic with no symmetry.  Using colour can let the user maintain a consistent colour to their hair. These users are regularly using a new dose of colour cream every 4 to 6 weeks.

      2. Personal Style
      Grey hair grows a lot finer with a coarser texture than normal hair.  This can make it much harder to style while also making it much tougher to fit in with the style you are creating.  Colour adds more volume to your hair while also making the hair easier to style and blend in with your normal hair.  These users are regularly using a new dose of colour cream every 4 to 6 weeks.

      3. Wedding / Special Events
      Some guys are looking to scrub up the best they can for a specific event.  It may even be their big day.  These users are looking to achieve a style and look that is a step up from their regular grooming regime.  Putting their best foot forward one would say.
      These users are not regularly using colour but pick and choose the events in which they want to up their game.  In saying that, we have guys that have loved their look so much that they have continued using Clooney Colour as part of their regular grooming.

      4. Corporate Professionals
      The corporate world is a very competitive environment where first impressions last.  For guys wishing to portray an image of freshness and youth, covering their greys can go a long way in keeping them in the game while also giving them the confidence to produce. These users are regularly using a new dose of colour cream every 4 to 6 weeks.

      5. Sports Professionals
      Sports professionals are held in the public eye as the pinnacle of human health, fitness and youthfulness.  Depending on when a user’s greys start to come through (which can be as early as late teens), sports professionals want to make sure that even when they progress long into their career that they are seen to not only have the experience, but they can also match it out with the new young bucks coming through in any way. These users are regularly using a new dose of colour cream every 4 to 6 weeks.

      6. Not Ready
      Our most popular response was that the user just wasn’t ready to be grey.  All people go grey at different stages.  There is a theory most men have 50% grey hair by the time they are 50, but in saying that we have come across guys in their late teens that are already greying quite heavily.  Users that don’t feel that they are ready to make the transition to silver fox, turn to colour as their best option. These users are regularly using a new dose of colour cream every 4 to 6 weeks.

      Watch 100 Years of Hair Evolution In 1 Minute

      Watch 100 Years of Hair Evolution In 1 Minute

      What goes around comes around. 

      Ins and outs of colouring your beard

      Ins and outs of colouring your beard

      It's not uncommon for guys to be greying throughout their beard while maintaining good colour on top of their head. For many guys the greying through the beard makes everything else come off a little old a little early. An easy solution to this is working Clooney Club Beard Colour into your grooming regime. 

      A beard can be quite the statement, and early onsets of greying can taint this. Whatever your reasons it is about achieving a natural look that you are happy with. Cover some of your greys, cover all of your greys or maybe you just want to revive your natural youthful hair colour, it is all possible by implementing men's beard colour into your grooming routine. Before using a Beard Colour, there are a few things you will need to learn before you have things locked down.  



      For whatever reason, beards can be quite a different shade to your hair. So best not match the beard colour to what your hair is doing, but match it to what you think the natural colour of your beard is.  While you are selecting your colour, if you have any doubt, always choose the lighter option of the two you are considering.  Men's hair colours are designed to be very easy on your hair.  Meaning they cannot make your hair lighter than it already is.  This allows the product to target easily the grey hairs as these hairs are lighter than the rest of your beard.  It will make your hair darker, though.  So if you are unsure always go lighter for your first time.  You can always try a darker shade later.


      You are going to want to have the micro fibre pouch handy to clean up with and your phone or watch handy to keep the time of the application.


      Despite what the packaging will tell you on some brands, if you want a good even result for your colour.  You don’t just slap it in and hope for the best.  Take your time and make particular attention to detail especially when it is your first time.  Having your phone with you while you are waiting for the colour to do its thing is always a good way to pass the time.


      A good product will hold its colour while slightly fading over time to blend with the user's natural hair colour. For the lucky ones, a beard can grow up to 3mm a week, and you obviously aren't cutting it back like you are your hair. So if beard colour is something you want to add to your grooming routine make sure you note when your greys are starting to blend back in and re-apply. We would imagine this is after about six weeks.

      It’s not hard to get good results from day one and over time, you will find exactly what works for you. I have been using Clooney Club Beard Colour for over a year now, and I just apply it when I feel I need a touch-up.

      Why Does My Beard Have Ginger In It?

      Why Does My Beard Have Ginger In It?


      You would’ve had to be living under a rock not to notice the epic man beard trend.  We remember pitching Clooney Colour - Beard to a women Barber early on “haven’t you heard, beards are on the way out” said the only barber in town with no one in her shop.

      I think beards have solidified their place next to uneven ties, double-breasted jackets, worn denim and idolising Steve McQueen & Paul Newman.  These things aren’t going away.  The best part - even balding men can grow a godly beard.  The worst part –the ginger tinge’.  We know it's disappointing when the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

      Yes, you can claim William Wallace (Braveheart) as a great long distance relative of yours that fought for the freedom of Scotland and that your golden ginger strands come from a long line of great warriors.  Or that at birth you were separated from the bloodline of royalty and that you are Prince Harry’s cousin.  In reality, none of these are going to do anything for your manhood. 

      Ginger facial hair doesn’t discriminate and even tall, dark and handsome can inherited two mutated genes from each side of the family resulting in red hair and fair skin. “When someone inherits two mutated versions of the MC1R-gene (one from each parent), less pheomelanin is converted into eumelanin. The [pheomelanine] accumulates in the pigment cells and the person ends up with red hair and fair skin.” Haak-Bloem – Genetics Expert

      The gene has personality and expresses itself in many ways, sometimes messing up your face.  Luckily we have been helping many guys "touch up" their beards with our Clooney Colour Beard Cream. Give it a go and get right for summer. We love a good ginger man, according to the gods they are 30% stronger than most, but tinges don’t make the cut for the majority of Clooney Club gentlemen.

      “Absolutely love the product in and out!” – From a Bearded Villain himself.

      Not everyone can look like one of our favourite #timeless men Levi Stocke
      Photo Credit: Gilbert Pereda


      Clooney Club's New Styling Products

      Clooney Club's New Styling Products

      Following Clooney Hair Colour, styling product was a natural next step. Both Nick and I were excited about developing a product that was in keeping with our company ethos, yet any man could enjoy. Well, any man with hair.

      We went back to the beginnings and unearthed some of the core rationales of why we started Clooney Club.

      • To look at new ways to enhance men's grooming routine, to simplify.
      • To build a product offering with our members.
      • A premium product at a modest price.
      • To use natural products where we can.
      • To innovate within the industry.
      • To create a product that has youth preservation at the heart of it.

      We were tired of opening a bathroom draw and having 4 or 5 styling products that were all designed for different things (we are not that complicated). We were tired of walking into a supermarket and seeing the same product repackaged different ways. We were tired of the $45 price tag that came with a 'premium' product.

      One of the first people we went to talk to was Nigel Russell, one of only a few trichologist in Australasia. He has worked in the industry for more than most combined, he is a lead stylist at one of the most reputable salons and he even has his own line of all natural hair products called Holistic Hair (in which we encourage you to check out). We learnt so much more of the deeper scientific side of the industry, about hair health, about scalp conditions, about balding. Nigel is truly a guru, so we wanted to included some ingredients that fit the desired outcome, and stayed true to a naturopath wellbeing.

      Some baselines were no parabens, no silicone, and incorporate natural local ingredients that benefit hair and scalps long term health.

      We simplified. Like many industries hair styles trend in and out. We sat down and looked at our requirements and kept it two who outcomes. A shine finish and a matte finish. One fibre and one pomade. Both have a medium to firm hold, but this can change dependent on the quantity you use. So that's how we landed on just the two products.

      We came up with the initial products, and then sent free pots of 20ml or less to existing Clooney Club members. We correlated hundreds of feedback around initial scent, scent through the day, texture, quantity needed, how long it lasted, how well it lasted in varied conditions, did it wash out, could you reshape half way through a day, the list goes on.
      After six iterations we believe we came close to the product ready for market.

      So after a ten-month process, we are finally able to bring you, Walker - our fibre styling product with a matte finish & Specter - our pomade styling product with a shine finish.


      How to colour your beard

      How to colour your beard

      It's not uncommon for guys to be greying throughout their beard while maintaining good colour on top of their head. For many guys the greying through the beard makes everything else come off a little old a little early. An easy solution to this is working Clooney Club Beard Colour into your grooming regime. 

      A beard can be quite the statement, and early onsets of greying can taint this. Whatever your reasons it is about achieving a natural look that you are happy with. Cover some of your greys, cover all of your greys or maybe you just want to revive your natural youthful hair colour, it is all possible by implementing men's beard colour into your grooming routine.

      If its something you want to give a go, simply order a kit, we send it to you, and follow these instructions. We specially designed it to be used by you.   

      1. Mix the Colour (2) into the activator (1) and MIX.

      2. Get the gloves on that come with the kit. 

      3. Apply evenly throuhg your beard either using your fingers or a comb.

      4. Kill some time 10-15mins. 

      5. Wash it off. 

      Using colour is a grooming routine that you will refine and perfect with a little practice. 

      If this hasnt convinced you to give it ago, we wrote [Ins an outs of colouring your beard] if you want to read more info.