May 12, 2017

A job interview can be a daunting experience, even if you’re highly skilled in your profession or trade. When you’re preparing for a job interview, a good place to start is with some basic grooming. Knowing that you look tidy and professional will not only give a good first impression, it will make you feel more confident in yourself as well.

Want to feel like a boss at your next job interview? Follow these simple grooming tips:

  1. It all starts with oral hygiene. It’s as simple as brushing, flossing and mouth-washing daily. Avoid pungent foods such as onion or garlic before meeting with your interviewer and if possible, give your teeth a last minute clean pre-interview.
  1. We’ve all met that guy whose cologne was overpowering enough to make your eyes water. Don’t be that guy. Especially in a job interview. When it comes to applying cologne: less is more.
  1. Keeping facial hair neat and trimmed means more than just shaving once a week. It’s also about trimming hair in the ears and nostrils and keeping unruly eyebrows at bay. It only takes a few minutes to sort out pesky hairs which may otherwise make you appeared unkempt and scruffy in a job interview.
  1. Your hair is a window into your personality, but it’s important that for job interviews it is kept neat and tidy. Use a styling product that gives your hair a natural looking hold, rather than a gel that clumps hair together and gives a sticky looking appearance. A good hair styling product should be part of your everyday grooming routine, so choose one that is made with natural ingredients to maintain scalp and hair health. Clooney Club specialises in nutrient enriched hair productsmade from ingredients straight from Mother Nature.
  1. Be proud of your face and let your lips do the talking! Shave carefully using a quality razor and shaving products to avoid razor cuts or nicks. Keep lip balm on hand to prevent dry, chapped lips and apply it before going into your interview. A daily grooming routine is a must, especially as we get older and the effects of stress, age and the elements start to become obvious. Hunter Lab skin care range has all of the essentials for a great daily grooming regime.
  1. You should have listened to your mum - chewing your nails is a bad habit! Put a stop to any nail or cuticle chewing NOW. If your nails are in bad repair, invest in a manicure. Tidy, clean nails are an absolute must when going into an interview.
  1. If you’re rocking a beard… we salute you! It’s an awesome look on many men, but if you’re a bearded dude you need to make sure that it’s kept tidy and doesn’t look unruly. Making sure your beard is shaped and doesn’t have any scraggly hairs sticking out is the first step to looking well groomed. A common offence is the neck beard - make sure yours is shaped accordingly. Use a beard oil where necessary and always check for stray hairs before stepping out the door to meet your interviewer.

Now that you look neat, tidy and well presented you can bring energy and personality to your interview, with confidence and charisma. Getting on top of grooming means you can focus on other important things such as making sure your CV highlights your best attributes and of course…..what to wear!