October 02, 2016

A pomade type styling product that has a shine finish.

Smooth criminal. This was built to achieve a firm, wet and neat look without drying out or flaking like gel. This can achieve different levels of hold and shine depending on the amount you use.

Specter is for the pomp, side part, disconnected side part, quiff, slick backs, pompadour and the likes. I like to use it for as my regular when heading out at night to give my hair a little more shine.

We were fed up with product scents that stuck around all day, or product that wouldn't wash out in the shower, the product that wouldn't perform through the day, or it wouldn't reshape after a little rain or the $40+ price tag through a few hands of 100% markup. As guys, we wanted to keep it simple.

We developed this formulation over a year with input from a trichologist and testing on our Clooney Club members. After many iterations of the product, we ironed out, scent, performance, ingredients and texture. What you will receive is the pick of the lot.

The key ingredients that this hair styling product incorporate are

  • Coconut Oil: Prevents hair breakage and split ends and stimulates growth
  • Tsubaki Oil: Conditions the hair shaft, stimulates the scalp and encourages the growth of healthy hair.
  • Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil: Prevents hair loss, stimulates growth, helps fight dandruff and rough and dry hair.
  • Jojoba Oil: Remove the sebum which is present at the scalp thereby promoting hair growth

All of which were introduced with the help of a trichologist to ensure healthier hair & scalp, preserving your look for longer.

The Pomade has a subtle Wood Wax natural scent. This scent was created to smell obviously manly, but it will not be obtrusive, nor will it compete with deodorant, aftershave or fragrance. We are keeping it simple.

We would love you to join our members in the development of future products, and like them, we know you will love this one.

Check out Specter here. 

Clooney Club Members Review:

Joshua: I'm so pumped with that Specter is so legit man. To be honest, it took me a couple of times to get used to it, but I have been so impressed. I put it in at 6.30am and don't touch it all day, and it's still perfect when I get home at 7 pm been going straight to basketball from work on Mondays too, and it holds up perfect through the game too. No product I've used in the past has worked as well as the hair magic you have created. Sorry for the long winded message bud just wanted you to know how happy I am with your product

Ajay: I love it. I've used pomade before, and this doesn't dry my hair as much. Feels pretty much the same at the end of the day as it did when you put it on in the morning. Smells good too! Will def be reordering!