July 14, 2016

Following Clooney Hair Colour, styling product was a natural next step. Both Nick and I were excited about developing a product that was in keeping with our company ethos, yet any man could enjoy. Well, any man with hair.
We went back to the beginnings and unearthed some of the core rationales of why we started Clooney Club.
  • To look at new ways to enhance men's grooming routine, to simplify.
  • To build a product offering with our members.
  • A premium product at a modest price.
  • To use natural products where we can.
  • To innovate within the industry.
  • To create a product that has youth preservation at the heart of it.

We were tired of opening a bathroom drawer and having 4 or 5 styling products that were all designed for different things (we are not that complicated). We were tired of walking into a supermarket and seeing the same product repackaged different ways. We were tired of the $45 price tag that came with a 'premium' product.

One of the first people we went to talk to was Nigel Russell, one of only a few trichologists in Australasia. He has worked in the industry for more than most combined, he is a lead stylist at one of the most reputable salons and he even has his own line of all natural hair products called Holistic Hair(in which we encourage you to check out). We learnt so much more of the deeper scientific side of the industry, about hair health, about scalp conditions, about balding. Nigel is truly a guru, so we wanted to include some ingredients that fit the desired outcome, and stayed true to naturopath wellbeing.

Some baselines were no parabens, no silicone, and incorporate natural local ingredients that benefit hair and scalps long term health.
We simplified. Like many industries hairstyles trend in and out. We sat down and looked at our requirements and kept it two who outcomes. A shine finish and a matte finish. One fibre and one pomade. Both have a medium to firm hold, but this can change depending on the quantity you use. So that's how we landed on just the two products.

We came up with the initial products, and then sent free pots of 20ml or less to existing Clooney Club members. We correlated hundreds of feedback around initial scent, scent through the day, texture, quantity needed, how long it lasted, how well it lasted in varied conditions, did it wash out, could you reshape halfway through a day, the list goes on.
After six iterations we believe we came close to the product ready for market.
So after a ten-month process, we are finally able to bring you, Walker - our fibre styling product with a matte finish & Specter - our pomade styling product with a shine finish.