July 14, 2016

You will know them as well as we do, and it’s as simple as building them into your day to day regime. Sleep, diet, exercise and some simple daily grooming will create a younger, healthier and happier you.

Men’s plastic surgery in the States has dramatically increased.  In fact, a 7% percent increase in facelifts alone every year.  While surgery may be seen as a little dramatic to literally trim years off your life, there are some simple steps that we guarantee (if committed to) will have the same effect as the “literal facelift.”

We doubt blokes want to go into too much detail over the who, what, when and why’s.  So here is the skinny of it: 

1. Skin / Hair Care

Studies show that one of the first things people judge age and attractiveness of another are their skin.  More specifically, the tone and evenness of their completion.

The simple rules: Stay out of the sun | Moisturise | Keep hydrated

2. Wellness

This is most apparent in the elderly.  Just like my late grandfather, who had a happy stress free life, because he chose to.  Living without wellness ages us beyond measure.

The simple rules: Sleep well | No smoking | Eat healthy | Exercise | Think about getting a Dog  

3. Dress Your Age

If you are a middle age man (“more mature”), don’t dress like your 18 Less is more.

The simple rules: Keep your style clean and classic | No bling bling | Trim your eyebrows, nose and ears | Grow a beard to hide a bad neck | Subtle styling touches


Trying to keep it simple lads – now go yonder to live life and prosper. 

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