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Going Grey in Your 20s: What Does it Mean?

Going Grey in Your 20s: What Does it Mean?

Going grey before you’ve turned 30 can be panic inducing, to say the least. But before you start freaking out, read on, and we’ll help you understand why you’re going grey and what you can do about it.

What causes hair to go grey in men under 30?

First things first - it’s nothing to do with stress! Living a busy, stressful life will not turn your hair grey. In fact, even living a relatively unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t cause greying (not that we recommend it!) The thing with getting grey hair is that it is nearly always hereditary.

Hair changes from its regular colour to grey because the hair pigment cells, called melanocytes, stops making pigment or colour. While scientists aren’t entirely sure what causes this cease in pigment production, they do know that hair goes through a three-phase cycle consisting of a growing phase, a resting phase and a falling out phase. It is thought that as we grow older the growing phase shortens, leading to less pigment being produced and thus causing us to have grey hair.

Is going grey early “normal”?

In this day and age - what is normal anyway? But we see where you’re coming from. Sporting a salt and pepper look when your friends still have their luscious dark or blonde locks, can make you feel like something might be wrong. The good news is: going grey is completely normal. It just happens at different stages of life for different people.

Science dictates that it comes down to genes on either side of the family. Often, genes skip a generation, which means you could be blaming one of your grandparents for early greying!

Going grey is a slow process but is completely normal and happens to the majority of us at one point in our lives - whether that’s after 30 or before, it is a completely natural part of getting older.

What can I do about my grey hair?

It comes down to personal preference: while some people embrace having a head of silvery locks, others don’t feel comfortable with going grey earlier than everyone else. How you deal with having grey hair is entirely up to you.

Your options are: embrace it; try a new haircut on for size; or dye it. These might all sound like daunting options to the newly-grey man but at the end of the day it comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what makes you feel the most confident.

For those who aren’t quite ready to embrace the Silver Fox look, we can help. Clooney Colour by Clooney Club is a great option for greying guys. It’s quick and easy to apply, provides full coverage and works even for guys who have sensitive skin. Clooney Colour lasts 5 - 6 weeks and can even be used on your beard for a perfect colour match. Refresh your locks and preserve your youth a little longer, check out Clooney Colour here.

The Man’s Guide to Grey Hair

The Man’s Guide to Grey Hair

While the term ‘silver fox’ may sound appealing to the ladies (think Mr Clooney himself) it’s a daunting thought for most guys, particularly those of us under 35.

Just like those pesky ‘smile lines’ and creaky bones, grey hair often feels like it comes out of nowhere and can make you feel really, really old. But, not to fear - whether it happens in your twenties or not until you’re zimmer-framing around the rest home bar, it’s perfectly natural to go grey. The question is (actually there’s two questions): when will it happen to you? And - most importantly - what can you do about it?

Genetics, Stress and Aging

Hair colour all comes down to a pigment in the skin, called melanin. As we get older, we produce less melanin which in turn can cause a change in our hair colour thus turning it grey. For most of us this begins when we hit those dirty thirties, but the age you start going grey all comes down to one main factor: genetics.

Caucasians tend to go grey earlier, followed by Asians and African-Americans. Redheads may not go grey at all, or at the very least their hair colour won’t change much at all with just a smattering of greys throughout.

One thing you can be sure of: stress doesn’t cause your hair colour to change. You can’t give yourself grey hair, despite the fact that it feels like it sometimes.

Preventative Measures

If it’s in your genes you can’t fight it, but there are lifestyle choices you can make to stave off going grey earlier than necessary. A healthy, nutrient rich diet helps, as does avoiding smoking and getting a safe dose of Vitamin D from the sun each day.

If you’re still under 35 and experiencing a more grey than any other hair colour, it’s best to get seen by your doctor. Research suggests that prematurely acquiring grey hair may mean a vitamin B12 deficiency or issues with your thyroid or pituitary gland.

There’s no cure (yet) for going grey, however word on the street is that scientists are working on a pill that may prevent going grey.

What About Grey Beards?

It’s important to keep a grey beard well trimmed and maintained. A structured style is the best look when it comes to salt and pepper beards. If you choose to dye your beard, ensure that you select a shade that matches your hair colour so that there is no obvious difference between the two.

To Dye or Not to Dye?

Whether you choose to embrace going grey or to fight it, hair colouring is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh, shiny and healthy. Everyone’s shade is different so it pays to do your research and ensure you’re getting the right tone for your skin and natural features, particularly if you’re dying over grey hair.

Colouring your hair at home has never been easier, and modern products mean that no one will notice your new look - unless you want them to of course.

Check out our Clooney Colour range here for nutrient rich hair colour designed for men, right here in New Zealand.

Clooney Colour - Before & Afters

Clooney Colour - Before & Afters

By using Clooney Colour in your grooming regime you can easily cover your greys and achieve a hair colour that makes you feel good.  See the results of two of our customers below.

Clooney Club - Dark Brown
 Dark Brown Before and Afters Clooney Club
Clooney Colour - Black

Black Before and After Clooney Club 


Spotting That First Grey Hair In Your 20's

Spotting That First Grey Hair In Your 20's

You don’t know till you know, and spotting a grey hair before you are 30 begs the question why. First things first, don't worry, it's healthy. As previously written about, we are aware of lads that have spotted grey hair before their 20’s. However, this is relatively unusual.

Most of our customers meet their first greys in their 30s – this is the most common, and nine times out of ten it is hereditary. But for those of you who grey in their 20’s we have compiled a little list of what to expect, why it’s happening, and how to treat your grey hair.

1. Your hair simply stops producing pigment.
2. Premature greying is hereditary.
3. Ethnicity and gender play a role in going grey, too.
4. In rare cases, going grey may present itself as a medical condition.
5. Smoking can increase your odds of getting grey hair.
6. Gray hair does not signify a shorter life span.
7. Typically, body hair greys later than the hair on the scalp.
8. There is no proven way to reverse grey hair.
9. To conceal grey hair, dying is the best option.
10. For grey hair, use a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner.

Typically, Caucasians begin to grey in their mid-30’s, Asians in their late 30’s and Africans in their 40’s, according to a 2011 research analysis published in The Dermatologist.

If your parents and grandparents went grey early, you probably will too.

Studies have shown a significant correlation between smoking and the onset of grey hair before age 30. A 2010 study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that smokers are two and half times more likely to develop premature grey hair than non-smokers.

Not only has smoking been linked to premature grey hair, but also to baldness. The chemicals in smoke can break down the hair cells and damage hair, according to The New York Times.

For many of us that have gone through it, you will know that the hairs on your body, nose, face, chest and pubic area all grey at a different rate.

There are no tonics, lotions, potions, creams, scalp massage or vitamins prevent greying, yet, or at least scientifically proven.

Grey hair does have a different structure; it can be a lot coarser and dry. Hence the need to use moisture rich shampoo and conditioner to help hydrate the hair.

 Remember to check out our products to see what we have on offer to ensure your youth preservation.  We are your hair colour and styling product specialist. 

Is Your Grey Hair A Little Far Gone?

Is Your Grey Hair A Little Far Gone?

Confidence is key; Clooney Club still embraces the silver fox.  We just don’t want you to age before you feel like it.  Hair maintenance and a grooming regime are essential to retaining a good look and wearing it well, so that before you walk out the door in the morning you have a little pep in your step.  Although our Clooney Colour product can achieve great results for users that have more than 50% grey hair, we designed the product to work up to a maximum of 50% greys.  Below are some tips from the lads at Dmarge for those of you that have decided to give up the goose and embrace your grey hair.

Sure, the appearance of greying can indicate that you’re moving on in life, but more importantly, it’s a symbol of one’s wiseness and tenacity in this big bad world; it shows that you’ve been around to weather the worst, and you’re now at the top of your game. Your next step? Owning it.  

Things You Need To Know

Contrary to general belief, silver foxes can still attain that edgy dapper look, given they treat their grey matter with respect.

Hair Styling

As grey hair becomes more prominent on a man’s head, the appearance of thinning will also follow suit. This is why it’s essential you pick the right hairstyle that will accentuate the grey rather than highlight parts of your scalp (sorry cornrows). Consider the importance of the varying tones and many shades of grey.

If you’re predominantly pale skinned, use a bit of grey coverage product such as gentle foam colours. This will help break up the stark ‘white-on-white’ look. Those with a darker skin complexion should limit the grey coverage colour treatments as you’re trying to give the grey a more healthy transitional tone as opposed to looking like Geoffrey Edelsten.


Secondly, be sure to use a decent shampoo and conditioner. Choosing the cheaper alternatives will often dry out your hair after every wash and deprive it of the good stuff to keep it looking natural. Regular appointments with your hairstylist is also a must for silver foxes. Ever seen Tom Hanks in Cast Away? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Keep it styled and the cool grey will repay.


Nothing shines brighter than the grey except for confidence. So embrace the inner-silver fox and wear the types of clothes that will give you a lasting sense of style. Going in for the dapper look is your best bet here and leaving your drop-crotch pants behind is probably the wiser option.

If you feel like you aren't too far gone, check out our Clooney Colour here

Or if you feel like it's time to give in maybe one of our styling products can help you maintain a look that works for you.

To Colour Grey Hair or Not to Colour Grey Hair

To Colour Grey Hair or Not to Colour Grey Hair

There are few things to keep in mind when thinking about grey hair dye.  Not only what shade to use to create the most natural effect, but also thickness (or thinness is some cases), how coarse your hair may be.

Clooney Club has simplified the shade range offering and applies a simple rule of when in doubt: go a shade lighter (we have more information on choosing a shade here). If your hair is coarse or dry, we would recommend being very diligent on your shampoo condition regime, so that you have your hair the best chance of colour penetration.

Recently a world-renowned L'Oreal hairstylist Bertram K was in the Philippines to present the latest in hair colour and style trends.
When asked: "Is it a good idea for guys to colour their hair?"
He quickly responded: "That depends on the guy's preference [but] guys may colour their hair to enhance their look or image."
He recommends to go with "colour ranges that are two levels near their normal hair colour" to make it look natural. But if you want to go crazy, you can go with lighter hair colour and undergo bleaching.
Bertram says the hair texture—fine, medium or thick/coarse hair—should also be taken into consideration when colouring hair. He explains, "The thicker or coarser the hair, the harder it is for colour to penetrate.” 

Reference FHM blog here.

Does Taking Supplements for Hair Loss Actually Work?

Does Taking Supplements for Hair Loss Actually Work?

So it turns out, I am a little thin on the crown of my head. 

We have initially done a piece on what foods might help with the issue [Read more here], but I still turned to Dr. Google to see if there were any specific supplements.  I found a little gem in Men's Quarterly by Megan Gustashaw that I thought I would share with our members.

Here’s where we stand on taking natural remedies to combat semi-inevitable things like losing your hair: They’re worth trying, they probably won’t work, they also probably won’t kill you, and you never know. One worthwhile endeavor—no matter what you’re worried about when you look in the mirror—is making sure your diet isn’t lacking basic nutrients. When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, that means making sure you’re eating enough protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B. If you’re generally not a well-rounded, healthy eater, you might give it the old Whole Foods try and stock up on a few vitamins or supplements to make sure, at the very least, you’re not making matters worse. Here’s what’s commonly found in hair loss supplements, and why the wellness gods claim they work.


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin (also known as vitamin H) that strengthens the protein infrastructure in hair, skin, and nails.


Both vitamin A and vitamin C help the body produce sebum, the natural oil that protects your hair and keeps it strong.


Flax-seed oil has omega-3 fatty acid that keeps your hair follicles healthy so they retain water and produce sebum.


These trace minerals are important for maintaining scalp health through cell reproduction, tissue growth, and repair.


Also known as B9, folic acid aids in tissue regrowth and improves circulation, which helps your hair follicles function properly.

Take any combination of the above with a thousand grains of salt and perhaps some individualised guidance from your doctor or dermatologist, and let us know how it goes.


If anything this article will just help you be mindful of what you put it; you just might get out.  To join the conversation and club make sure you check out our FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tumblr.

3 Basic Principals For Men To Look & Feel Younger

3 Basic Principals For Men To Look & Feel Younger

You will know them as well as we do, and it’s as simple as building them into your day to day regime. Sleep, diet, exercise and some simple daily grooming will create a younger, healthier and happier you.

Men’s plastic surgery in the States has dramatically increased.  In fact, a 7% percent increase in facelifts alone every year.  While surgery may be seen as a little dramatic to literally trim years off your life, there are some simple steps that we guarantee (if committed to) will have the same effect as the “literal facelift.”

We doubt blokes want to go into too much detail over the who, what, when and why’s.  So here is the skinny of it: 

1. Skin / Hair Care

Studies show that one of the first things people judge age and attractiveness of another are their skin.  More specifically, the tone and evenness of their completion.

The simple rules: Stay out of the sun | Moisturise | Keep hydrated

2. Wellness

This is most apparent in the elderly.  Just like my late grandfather, who had a happy stress free life, because he chose to.  Living without wellness ages us beyond measure.

The simple rules: Sleep well | No smoking | Eat healthy | Exercise | Think about getting a Dog  

3. Dress Your Age

If you are a middle age man (“more mature”), don’t dress like your 18 Less is more.

The simple rules: Keep your style clean and classic | No bling bling | Trim your eyebrows, nose and ears | Grow a beard to hide a bad neck | Subtle styling touches


Trying to keep it simple lads – now go yonder to live life and prosper. 

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Number one reason guys colour their hair.

Number one reason guys colour their hair.

On Friday Nick & I got to talk to Duncan Garner on Radio Live about why guys colour their hair. 

The trouble is … like anything, it's the few ruining it for the rest. We see the older gentleman walking down the main street with a slightly dated suit, whistling away to himself sporting a terrible hair colour job resembling a Lego man. Of course, we cringe. 

There is something about ageing gracefully with confidence that women or men find extremely attractive. The one major flaw in this opinion is, a good colour should not be noticeable. However, the change in confidence might.




I can't quite pinpoint who said it but “Your perception is your reality”.

Balding: 6 Food Types To Preventing Mens Hair Loss

Balding: 6 Food Types To Preventing Mens Hair Loss

Clooney Club has plans to go deep into the hair retention game and develop a product that aligns with our ethos and principles.  The industry has come a long way from taking pills that severely alter the chemistry in your body resulting in many side effects, the most common being depression. 

Currently, an epic battle is happening on your head between the male hormone called DHT and your army of hair follicles.  Similar to a fight, we need to be prepared, have a strategy and be equipped with the right arsenal. 

The 6 food types to think about: 

  1. Vitamin B6 & B12 & Folic Acids:  These help the blood & oxygen flow.  Protein rich foods and leafy Veggies will do the trick.
  2. Vitamin A:  This will help promote the growth and health of cells.  E.g. Carrots, liver, fish oil, eggs.
  3. Vitamin C:  This is essential to producing collagen that bonds together tissues in the body.  Not only great for the wrinkles but also for the root of hair follicles.  E.g. Oranges, berries, melons, peppers.
  4. Zinc:  This promotes cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair.  Hair loss and dandruff are linked to zinc deficiency. E.g. Seafood, poultry, mussels, shrimp and oysters.
  5. Protein:  Hair is mostly made up of protein.  Cells are replaced by the food you consume.  E.g. chicken, soy products, low-fat cheese, eggs, almonds, beans and yoghurt.
  6. Water:  Every cell and every system uses water to function properly.  Remember that free liquid stuff… from the tap… virtually free.

I am not going to prescribe a well-balanced diet.  In fact, we recommend getting some tests done to establish a nutritional baseline.  Long story short, everybody is different.  You might find (like I) you are protein rich and zinc deficient, so tweak your intake around what your body might need.


Check out Men's Fitness for more information.

Can I Actually Lose Hair And Go Grey From Stress?

Can I Actually Lose Hair And Go Grey From Stress?

Losing hair is stressful … literally. We are always busy being busy, and life can get overwhelming and at times, you just need to step back and take a breath.  That might not only be good for your ticker, but it will help you prevent balding and manifesting grey hair.

Recently we came across this little beauty of an article at the Huffington Post from Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips a trichologist (Hair & Scalp Specialist) from Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City.  As well as Sandra Gilman, trichologist and educational director for The Elan Center for Trichology in Alabama, to help us get to the bottom of this widely believed theory.


"Stress is more likely to cause hair loss and an increase in shedding than cause grey or white hair," Cunnane Phillips tells us. "Grey hair is largely influenced by genetics and a complex series of cell chemistries." Gilman agrees that "the majority of grey hair is genetic, but if the person is predisposed to grey hair, stress will make it appear sooner." She adds that hair pigmentation can be disrupted due to certain factors. "As the hair grows out of the follicle, various processes take place in a timely fashion to produce a shaft of hair with the correct colour (genetically speaking). One of these processes involves the melanin-producing cells that are present and whose job it is to provide colour to the hair during the hair-growth cycle. During this cycle, anything that interrupts the flow of events can cause the non-pigmentation of the hair shaft."

So what constitutes a stressful event, and why do we notice grey hairs following these periods? "These stress events can include surgery, head trauma, nutritional deficiencies, such as zinc deficiency or any other stress that the body perceives as a burden," says Gilman. That includes physical, mental and emotional stress, she clarified. To that end, Cunnane Phillips adds, "There has been debate over the relationship between the lack of vitamin B [and the presence of grey hair], and low vitamin B can be influenced by stress. Though it is largely predetermined, the onset and progression of hair greying correlates closely with chronological ageing: The age at which our first gray appears is genetically controlled and inherited."

Conclusion: The greying of hair is thought to be brought on by predetermined factors due to genetics. Stress typically manifests in hair loss or shedding, though it can result in premature depigmentation in those who have a predisposition to grey hair.


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Men's Hair Colour For Sensitive Skin

Men's Hair Colour For Sensitive Skin

Scott had been using other home application men's hair colours and salon solutions which resulted in experiencing irritation, rash and an itchy scalp. He later found out that he was hyper-allergic to any of the existing solutions, especially the supermarket brands that use chemicals to accelerate the process. Scott then turned to Dr Google to find a "men's hair colour options for sensitive skin". This is where Clooney Colour steps in.

Thinking it was worth a try, he made a quick order and Clooney Club's men's home application hair colour landed on his doorstep and quote...

"I liked the hair colour cream very much, and it has been very effective. There was not even e slightest sensation after application.
I had turned to test the product as I am hyper allergic to certain chemicals and applications. I am very satisfied and happy with the product and would like to purchase 4 more of the same for personal use."

Of course, we were wrapt. This is exactly why we entered this game; we were sick of having to use suboptimal products that were bad for hair, face and scalp. For the sake of 5 minutes, we didn't think a reasonable lad should have to subject themselves to this type of treatment.

While we know hair colour works differently in every man, we have certainly had many cases just like Scott, where guys were looking for an option and finding success in our product.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram :) 

Should Men Dye Their Grey Hair?

Should Men Dye Their Grey Hair?

We found this article, and it reminded us about one of the very reasons we started Clooney Club.  Offering men, the right tools to do the job. 
The idea of colouring grey hair isn’t always about being vain; it's the fact that you’re not ready to give up.  Clooney Club doesn’t think you need to pay hundreds of dollars to have it done in a salon. 
Your days of fumbling around a bathroom for an awful outcome are over. We designed Clooney Club Colour Cream to be used by men like us. 



There can be a few moments more guaranteed to strike terror into the heart of the middle-aged male than the tragic occasion on which he steps up to the mirror and realises that, yes, his hair really is going grey.

I noticed the first strands of silver as far back as seven years ago. At first, I was in denial, and would pull out the odd rogue strand by the root and pretend it hadn’t happened, but now there's no avoiding the fact that with my 40th birthday hoving into view, I'm getting greyer and greyer with each passing day.

How grey am I? Well, on the occasions where I unwisely skip a day or two shaving, the grey is extremely noticeable in my beard, but, on the top of my head, I'm not so grey that you would think “old bloke” if you saw me from the other side of the street.


But the inescapable truth is that I will be, someday. And, as grey hair is one of those progressive conditions of life, I think it behoves the modern man to get out ahead of the problem, as a politician might say.

That’s why I’ve taken the decision to start dying my hair, sooner rather than later, in the hope that nobody will be any the wiser when I really do need to do so.

I am rather surprised at myself, as I had never thought of myself as a particularly vain person. But the thought of being grey fills me with horror. I suppose a full-colour head of hair is one of those things you just don't appreciate until it’s gone.

I’m not doing it to please my wife. Whenever I mention it, she leaps to reassure me that my grey hair makes me look distinguished.  I tell her that it might look distinguished on George Clooney but, as we all know, I'm not George Clooney. Plus, distinguished is so last century.

I am not tempted to dye my hair because I want to look young. I'm doing it (I think) for the same reasons that women dye their hair - because I am not yet ready to give up.  But whenever I mention to any of my male friends that I am thinking of reaching for the bottle, they are truly aghast.  Why?

I think the widespread aversion to men dying their hair is a byproduct of the amateurish way we have been going about the process for so many decades.

Men have been conditioned for so long into believing that dying their hair is something they should be ashamed of, that they tend to sneak about in the pharmacy, buying Grecian 2000 and Just for Men without any real idea of what they should be doing, and then applying it on their own in the shower, with rubber gloves, by stealth.

The results are predictably awful.  My wife says that you can always spot a man with dyed hair, but I beg to differ. You can spot a man with badly dyed hair, of course.

But I have no intention of being that guy.

Click here to check out our newly formulated Clooney Colour with a new user experience specifically designed for men.

What Are The Different Hair Colour Options For Men

What Are The Different Hair Colour Options For Men

We like to call a spade a spade.

Over the last few months, we have been introducing men to hair colour.  Believe it or not, but many were unaware that this existed or that it is completely different to a women's hair dye.  So we thought we would simply break down the various options in the way you could explain to a buddy on the work site. 

Temporary: Direct Dye

There is no chemical reaction needed; the product is already the desired colour.  No mixing is required, and the colour is designed to cling to the outside of the hair follicle.  Now depending on how the direct dye is applied will determine how long it will last.  If it's in a styling product, it will be wash to wash.  If it's in a more semi-permanent solution like shampoo, it could last up to 6 washes. 

Temporary: Progressive Hair Colour

Progressive hair colour gradually colours hair over multiple applications until you reach the right shade.  It can be used on areas of hair that may need “more attention”.

Good news, no pre-mixing required and the effect is gradual. The bad news, it will only last until your next shampoo, and it contains some nasty lead acetate.

Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Colour (Like Clooney Club)

Like Clooney Colour, this solution is best for covering grey hair.  This process involves an activator and a colour to be mixed together.  This process helps the colour penetrate the hair follicle better.  Apply it like a shampoo and rinse out. The colour is very natural and will last up to 6 weeks. Clooney Club has made the application easy by throwing away the ‘mixing bowl’ by having the right amounts of product in tubes that are easily put together. (Check out application video)

Permanent Colour

Permanent colours are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit their colour directly into the cortex of the hair.  The formulation uses a developer (that long story short) impregnates the hair shaft so that not even shampoo can wash that out.


So at the end of the day lads.  The right men’s hair colour for covering grey hair is the semi-permanent option. Clooney Club has made the mixing and application super easy.  Leaving a natural and longer lasting effect.

Remember Clooney Club believes that a good colour should not be noticeable. To join the conversation and club make sure you check out FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tumblr.

Will Pulling Out Grey Hair Cause More To Grow Back?

Will Pulling Out Grey Hair Cause More To Grow Back?

Clooney Club recently channelled our inner myth busters to find out if pulling grey hair out caused more to grow back.  We read all associated medical experts from the finest universities. However, two bits of information stood out.

1. Being Practice.

 “The myth that plucking out a grey hair will only prompt two more to grow back is an impossibility.  Each hair on your head emerged from its own hair follicle.  If a hair is plucked, the follicle can only hold one replacement.
Similarly, cutting your hair will not make it grow faster or thicker.  A fresh cut eliminates split ends and evens out your hair’s length, which makes it seem thicker even though it isn’t.  The thickness of each hair is dependent on the size of the hair follicle, not on whether you cut it.”

- Via Going Grey Blog:  You can read the complete study in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. 

2. The Experiment.

“I did an experiment.  I didn't remove grey hair on the left side of my head but did remove it from the right side of my head.  I did this for a couple of years to see what would happen.  The results were probably unscientific, and they were definitely uninspiring.
Removal of grey hair did nothing to either increase or decrease its rate of growth or the amount of hair that grew back in the same place.”

- Nan Waldman via

 While scientifically this myth may be busted, it's certainly still a great way to give the lads a hard time.  

Just For Men vs Clooney Club

Just For Men vs Clooney Club

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned vet, it’s important to know your options when it comes to getting rid of your greys and reviving your youthful hair colour.  For you first timers there are a few things to take in as you learn this new grooming option.  Whether you want to blend out your greys, get a full cover, or revive your natural colour, you can achieve the look you’re after. If you’re a first-timer, make sure you check out our blog 'The ins and outs of men's hair colour for first timers’

After ten years of using men's hair colour, it’s fair to say I’ve been around the block, here’s what I’ve found. 

There are two main ‘at home’ options to choose from.


My very first experience with men's hair colour was with Just For Men.  Looking back it was quite an intimidating one.  I wanted the experience to be so seamless that I would hardly have to think about what to do.  This thinking was quickly squashed when I opened the box.  Instructions telling you not to leave the product in your hair for longer than 10 minutes because it could damage your hair, patch tests to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction, and application gloves the size of shopping bags.  Not to mention that the instruction leaflet that comes with the product is written in every language imaginable, so just finding what you need to read is a task in itself.  While they quite often refer to their products as a ‘shampoo’, to appeal to men, what you will find for your first experience is anything but.


  • Ammonia Free = Yes
  • Paraben-Free = No
  • Organic Ingredients = No


  • Smell = Smells like chemicals which is quite off putting
  • Usability = Quite a runny consistency that you have to be very careful with while applying.  The gloves that they supply are made to fit all sizes, so it’s quite awkward trying to apply the colour with gloves that could fit Shaq.  You also need a cloth that you don’t mind getting stained to help clean up once you are finished, this is not included.
  • Time to use = The box will tell you that you can have grey free more youthful looking hair in 5 minutes, but you will find that it can take that long just to apply an even cover over your hair.  You have to be very mindful of how long it has been in your hair as the product can start irritating your scalp if you leave it in passed 10 minutes.
  • Results = I was never unhappy with the final finish.  I did find that it never lasted very long, though.  I could always start to see my greys again within a week after application.  My hair would also feel very dry after use.

Custom Options:  

  • Custom Gloves = No
  • Cleaning Towel = No
  • Free Delivery = No
  • Online Order = Yes from 3rd party retailers

Price:  $11.99 to $17.99 not including shipping

Final Comments:
Just For Men products are not bad.  My main concern was how long the colour lasted for.  While using colour in your grooming regime is not hard once you get the hang of it, you don’t want to be applying it every couple of weeks to maintain the look you are after.  The smell and the way it makes your hair feel make you wonder what it is exactly that you are putting in your hair.  



Colour Cream is an evolution on what has currently been set as the standard for at-home application hair colour for men.  The experience while using the product is simple while producing salon standard results.  The product has been tailored to the user to make the experience as seamless as possible.


  • Ammonia Free = Yes
  • Paraben-Free = Yes
  • Organic Ingredients = Yes


  • Smell = Scented.  Has a light sweet smell.
  • Usability = The product has quite a thick consistency and can be applied from your hands like a styling product with minimal mess.  Custom glove sizes are tailored to each customer.
  • Time to use = 15 minutes.  This is including application time.
  • Results = Colour Cream has a lasting natural finish.  It easily lasts between cuts for me.  It gradually fades and doesn’t leave any regrowth lines.  After application, my hair never feels dry or damaged.


  • Custom Gloves = Glove size is custom to each customer
  • Cleaning Towel = Microfibre pouch is included for cleaning up
  • Free Delivery = Yes
  • Online Order = Yes direct

Price:  $29.00 including shipping

Final Comments:
Colour Cream is pleasant and easy to use.  I am always happy with the result and extremely happy with how long it lasts for.  The conditioning factors of the organic ingredients make sure your hair doesn't feel dry and damaged after use and the microfiber pouch and custom gloves make the application process very pleasant. 


Considering Using Mens Hair Colour?  Check Out Our Tips For First Timers

Considering Using Mens Hair Colour? Check Out Our Tips For First Timers

You have arrived at this blog because you have made the decision to start looking into potential options for men's hair dyes. For many guys, going grey can be a real blow to their self-confidence especially when your ‘mates' are constantly reminding you that grey hair is associated with old age.

Whatever your reasons it is about achieving a natural look that you are happy with. Cover some of your greys, cover all of your greys or maybe you just want to revive your natural youthful hair colour, it is all possible by implementing men's hair colour into your grooming routine. Like when you first start shaving there is a few things you will need to learn before you have things locked down.  

These are my tips (by a seasoned pro):

Colour selection

The most common complaint after an application is that the colour result is too dark.  While you are selecting your colour, if you have any doubt, always choose the lighter option of the two you are considering.  Men's hair colours are designed to be very easy on your hair.  Meaning they cannot make your hair lighter than it already is.  This allows the product to easily target the grey hairs as these hairs are lighter than the rest of your hair.  It will make your hair darker, though.  So if you are unsure always go lighter for your first time.  You can always try a darker shade later.


Before diving in, be prepared

You are going to want to have an old towel to clean up with and your phone or watch handy to keep time of the application.

It is not a 5-minute job

Despite what the packaging will tell you on some brands, if you want a good even result for your colour.  You don’t just slam it in and start thrusting.  Take your time and make special attention to detail especially when it is your first time.  Having your phone with you while you are waiting for the colour to do its thing is always a good way to pass the time.


The colour will only last until your next cut

A good product will hold its colour while slightly fading over time to blend with the user's natural hair colour.  In saying this regardless of how long it lasts for, as soon as you visit your local barber shop all of your greys will show through again.  Colouring your hair is also best done after a fresh cut.  So if hair colour is something you want to add to your grooming routine make sure you have your supplies ready after each barber shop stop.
It’s not hard to get good results from day one and over time, you will find exactly what works for you. I have been using at home hair colour for around ten years now.
Top 5 factors that make the best mens hair colour

Top 5 factors that make the best mens hair colour

If you are colouring your hair or beard there are 5 non-negotiable’s that you should make sure your product ticks off before you consider using it.  We may be biased but Colour Cream by Clooney Club ticks all of these boxes, no problem.

1.  The Colour Result
Number one on this list is here for good reason; the end result is what matters most.  It needs to look as natural as possible while covering the greys.  Aside from looking natural it also needs to look good! When you look in the mirror you need to be happy with the result.

Instead of having multiple different products to achieve different looks, the product should also be flexible in what it can achieve.  For example, if the product is left in for 10 minutes you will achieve a salt and pepper look.  If the product is left in for 15+ minutes, you will cover all of your greys.  

A good product will give you the freedom to get the exact look you are after.

2.  How Long It Lasts
There is a key rule to abide by here.  If the product works extremely fast (5 minutes), it generally means the coverage of your greys won’t last that long.  For hair colours to work this fast, they have accelerating acids in the formula that are not only bad for your hair and scalp but they also greatly affect the colour result and how long the product will last for.  

Getting a result that actually lasts for 5+ weeks with a gradual fade is very achievable with the right colour.

A good product will take over 10 minutes to work and it will also have no maximum in-hair time.

3.  Hair & Scalp Health
If you are using hair colour, it is a grooming regime that takes place frequently.  The timing depends on how long your hair is and how often you visit your barber (the best time to use colour is straight after a fresh cut).  This can be as short as 2 weeks and as long as 6+ weeks.  Either way, you're going to want to make sure that the product you are colouring with is not going to jeopardise the health of your hair and scalp.  

The right product to use is one that is ammonia free and paraben free.  You will also want to make sure that the product has natural ingredients to keep your hair conditioned.  

If the instructions read that "you must get the product out of your hair before 10 minutes of time", maybe it’s not something that you would want in your hair.  Colour Cream by Clooney Club has no maximum time although you can achieve great results in 15 minutes.

A good men's hair colour will not make your scalp itchy while you are applying it or leave your hair feeling dry after application.

4.  Easy & Pleasant To Use
Like anything that is in your grooming regime you want it to fit in easily.  Using a colour that is drip free will make it much easier to apply while making sure you don’t make a mess in your bathroom.  It will also save you time.

From experience I have found that some company's products smell like chemicals, making the experience quite unpleasant and you're left wondering what it actually is that you are putting in your hair.

If it smells like paint stripper, try a new product.

5.  Environmentally Friendly
As well as making sure the colour is good for you, you want to make sure that once it’s flushed down the drain it isn’t going to cause any environmental damage.  Find a product that is biodegradable to ensure this.

Also make sure that the packaging is made out of recyclable materials so once you are finished with it, it can go to the right place.

If you have any other questions the Clooney Club Crew are here to help

Colour Cream Application from Clooney Club on Vimeo.




The Ultimate Anti Aging Skin Care Product You Need To Be Using

The Ultimate Anti Aging Skin Care Product You Need To Be Using

It’s no secret that taking care of your skin is a no brainer and a good skin care routine will pay dividends as you age.  While wanting to look healthy, there is also the bonus of helping to prevent the effects of ageing.

We would like to think that you lads, at a bare minimum, are using a face moisturiser.  For our more "metro" gents/lads this might even include an eye moisturiser.  However, there is another aspect to your routine that you should be making sure is included.

SPF protection, commonly known as Sunscreen.  recent study published in the American College of Physicians’ is the first research in humans to show conclusively that sunscreen can help prevent photoaging – premature ageing caused by the sun.  Although there has been significant indirect evidence suggesting that sunscreen has anti-aging benefits, this study is the first clinical human trial to show it directly.

 So what’s causing the damage then?  The sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is divided into categories based on the wavelength.  Both UVA and UVB radiation rays from the sun cause more than 90 percent of the visible signs of ageing, which include wrinkles, rough patches, sagging, and skin discoloration.

 The plan of attack:  Daily use of a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF15 or higher will go a long way in preventing and reducing the damage caused by the sun.  Using an active face moisturiser that includes a broad spectrum sunscreen protection is the easiest way to keep the routine going.

Apply in the morning before you get into your day and re-apply a couple of times over the course of your day.  If you are doing physical activity and find yourself sweating, make sure you re-apply more often throughout the day.  Beware, harmful UVA & UVB rays cause damage on cloudy days or while you are in the shade, so try to keep a stable routine, regardless of the weather conditions.

So gents, in addition to preventing skin cancer, sunscreen is proven to prevent signs of ageing with frequent use.

Maintenance is the key in your daily skin care regime.  Don’t let your skin turn into something similar to a leather baseball mitt before taking action.  Stay on top of things and your future self will thank you in a few years when your skin is wrinkle-free.