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June 09, 2017

Going grey before you’ve turned 30 can be panic inducing, to say the least. But before you start freaking out, read on, and we’ll help you understand why you’re going grey and what you can do about it.

What causes hair to go grey in men under 30?

First things first - it’s nothing to do with stress! Living a busy, stressful life will not turn your hair grey. In fact, even living a relatively unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t cause greying (not that we recommend it!) The thing with getting grey hair is that it is nearly always hereditary.

Hair changes from its regular colour to grey because the hair pigment cells, called melanocytes, stops making pigment or colour. While scientists aren’t entirely sure what causes this cease in pigment production, they do know that hair goes through a three-phase cycle consisting of a growing phase, a resting phase and a falling out phase. It is thought that as we grow older the growing phase shortens, leading to less pigment being produced and thus causing us to have grey hair.

Is going grey early “normal”?

In this day and age - what is normal anyway? But we see where you’re coming from. Sporting a salt and pepper look when your friends still have their luscious dark or blonde locks, can make you feel like something might be wrong. The good news is: going grey is completely normal. It just happens at different stages of life for different people.

Science dictates that it comes down to genes on either side of the family. Often, genes skip a generation, which means you could be blaming one of your grandparents for early greying!

Going grey is a slow process but is completely normal and happens to the majority of us at one point in our lives - whether that’s after 30 or before, it is a completely natural part of getting older.

What can I do about my grey hair?

It comes down to personal preference: while some people embrace having a head of silvery locks, others don’t feel comfortable with going grey earlier than everyone else. How you deal with having grey hair is entirely up to you.

Your options are: embrace it; try a new haircut on for size; or dye it. These might all sound like daunting options to the newly-grey man but at the end of the day it comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what makes you feel the most confident.

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