September 14, 2016

You don’t know till you know, and spotting a grey hair before you are 30 begs the question why. First things first, don't worry, it's healthy. As previously written about, we are aware of lads that have spotted grey hair before their 20’s. However, this is relatively unusual.

Most of our customers meet their first greys in their 30s – this is the most common, and nine times out of ten it is hereditary. But for those of you who grey in their 20’s we have compiled a little list of what to expect, why it’s happening, and how to treat your grey hair.

1. Your hair simply stops producing pigment.
2. Premature greying is hereditary.
3. Ethnicity and gender play a role in going grey, too.
4. In rare cases, going grey may present itself as a medical condition.
5. Smoking can increase your odds of getting grey hair.
6. Gray hair does not signify a shorter life span.
7. Typically, body hair greys later than the hair on the scalp.
8. There is no proven way to reverse grey hair.
9. To conceal grey hair, dying is the best option.
10. For grey hair, use a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner.

Typically, Caucasians begin to grey in their mid-30’s, Asians in their late 30’s and Africans in their 40’s, according to a 2011 research analysis published in The Dermatologist.

If your parents and grandparents went grey early, you probably will too.

Studies have shown a significant correlation between smoking and the onset of grey hair before age 30. A 2010 study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that smokers are two and half times more likely to develop premature grey hair than non-smokers.

Not only has smoking been linked to premature grey hair, but also to baldness. The chemicals in smoke can break down the hair cells and damage hair, according to The New York Times.

For many of us that have gone through it, you will know that the hairs on your body, nose, face, chest and pubic area all grey at a different rate.

There are no tonics, lotions, potions, creams, scalp massage or vitamins prevent greying, yet, or at least scientifically proven.

Grey hair does have a different structure; it can be a lot coarser and dry. Hence the need to use moisture rich shampoo and conditioner to help hydrate the hair.

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