July 14, 2016

Scott had been using other home application men's hair colours and salon solutions which resulted in experiencing irritation, rash and an itchy scalp. He later found out that he was hyper-allergic to any of the existing solutions, especially the supermarket brands that use chemicals to accelerate the process. Scott then turned to Dr Google to find a "men's hair colour options for sensitive skin". This is where Clooney Colour steps in.

Thinking it was worth a try, he made a quick order and Clooney Club's men's home application hair colour landed on his doorstep and quote...

"I liked the hair colour cream very much, and it has been very effective. There was not even e slightest sensation after application.
I had turned to test the product as I am hyper allergic to certain chemicals and applications. I am very satisfied and happy with the product and would like to purchase 4 more of the same for personal use."

Of course, we were wrapt. This is exactly why we entered this game; we were sick of having to use suboptimal products that were bad for hair, face and scalp. For the sake of 5 minutes, we didn't think a reasonable lad should have to subject themselves to this type of treatment.

While we know hair colour works differently in every man, we have certainly had many cases just like Scott, where guys were looking for an option and finding success in our product.

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