July 14, 2016

It's not uncommon for guys to be greying throughout their beard while maintaining good colour on top of their head. For many guys the greying through the beard makes everything else come off a little old a little early. An easy solution to this is working Clooney Club Beard Colour into your grooming regime. 

A beard can be quite the statement, and early onsets of greying can taint this. Whatever your reasons it is about achieving a natural look that you are happy with. Cover some of your greys, cover all of your greys or maybe you just want to revive your natural youthful hair colour, it is all possible by implementing men's beard colour into your grooming routine. Before using a Beard Colour, there are a few things you will need to learn before you have things locked down.  



For whatever reason, beards can be quite a different shade to your hair. So best not match the beard colour to what your hair is doing, but match it to what you think the natural colour of your beard is.  While you are selecting your colour, if you have any doubt, always choose the lighter option of the two you are considering.  Men's hair colours are designed to be very easy on your hair.  Meaning they cannot make your hair lighter than it already is.  This allows the product to target easily the grey hairs as these hairs are lighter than the rest of your beard.  It will make your hair darker, though.  So if you are unsure always go lighter for your first time.  You can always try a darker shade later.


You are going to want to have the micro fibre pouch handy to clean up with and your phone or watch handy to keep the time of the application.


Despite what the packaging will tell you on some brands, if you want a good even result for your colour.  You don’t just slap it in and hope for the best.  Take your time and make particular attention to detail especially when it is your first time.  Having your phone with you while you are waiting for the colour to do its thing is always a good way to pass the time.


A good product will hold its colour while slightly fading over time to blend with the user's natural hair colour. For the lucky ones, a beard can grow up to 3mm a week, and you obviously aren't cutting it back like you are your hair. So if beard colour is something you want to add to your grooming routine make sure you note when your greys are starting to blend back in and re-apply. We would imagine this is after about six weeks.

It’s not hard to get good results from day one and over time, you will find exactly what works for you. I have been using Clooney Club Beard Colour for over a year now, and I just apply it when I feel I need a touch-up.