Clooney Colour - Beard

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Lets cut to the chase. 
Simply put,  our beard colour is better than any other on the market because of these TEN reasons:

1.    Our colour gives you the coverage you want
2.    Great for guys with sensitive skin.
3.    Takes less than 15mins to apply and it's easy
4.    Will last longer than any other on the market. 5 - 6 Weeks.
5.    Is packed full of ingredients that are better for everyone.
6.    Ammonia & Paraben-free.
7.    Smells good, drip-free and conditioning.
8.    Comes in a pouch & black ninja nitrile gloves.
9.    It can be used on your beard as well.
10.  Lots of other guys agree it’s the best.

The ingredients we are extremely proud of are Beeswax, Orange Peel, Honey, Papaya Fruit & other flower extracts.

Sensitive souls should read the full Ingredients and instructions on a patch test can be found here.
Simple decision when it's put like that. 

Customer Reviews

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Gurwinder Pal Singh

Clooney Colour - Beard

Doesn't work on grey

Once purchased online, the delivery was swift.
I followed the instruction (15mins). However, the grey hair on my chin didn't change colour, I tried five times, and after washing my face with water, it stayed grey. The 5th time I left it on for 35 minutes, it still washed out, leaving a dull grey. I'm sold on this product, which is a shame as I'm looking for a good NZ brand.

David Kitch
Beard colour

Be good if you could make just a beard colour you can use multiple times as I have wasted a
Whole bottle on one colour so works our expensive.

Look at what Christopher Robin and just for men offer as would be great if Clooney could too.
Thanks and look forward to your thoughts as some me. Like me have only the beard to colour

Ricky Te Akau

Clooney Colour - Beard

Ceri Glover
Awesome Product!

Clooney Colour Beard is an awesome product, easy to apply, great coverage and colour and the guys give great service every time with the easy online ordering process, personal messages and chocolates! Thanks boys!