4 x Clooney Colour - Beard Kit

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Lets cut to the chase. 
Simply put,  our beard colour is better than any other on the market because of these TEN reasons:

1.    Our colour gives you the coverage you want
2.    Great for guys with sensitive skin.
3.    Takes less than 15mins to apply and it's easy
4.    Will last longer than any other on the market. 5 - 6 Weeks.
5.    Is packed full of ingredients that are better for everyone.
6.    Ammonia & Paraben-free.
7.    Smells good, drip-free and conditioning.
8.    Comes in a pouch & black ninja nitrile gloves.
9.    It can be used on your beard as well.
10.  Lots of other guys agree it’s the best.

The ingredients we are extremely proud of are Beeswax, Orange Peel, Honey, Papaya Fruit & other flower extracts.

Sensitive souls should read the full Ingredients and instructions on a patch test can be found here.
Simple decision when it's put like that. 

Customer Reviews

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Harshaan Dreyton
Order was delayed more than a week

Seems like I had to chase my order after perches. This happened to me last two of my order. I have order for beard colour kit, they send without gloves. Very frustrating customer service. I wouldn't go back to them again.