July 14, 2016

We like to call a spade a spade.

Over the last few months, we have been introducing men to hair colour.  Believe it or not, but many were unaware that this existed or that it is completely different to a women's hair dye.  So we thought we would simply break down the various options in the way you could explain to a buddy on the work site. 

Temporary: Direct Dye

There is no chemical reaction needed; the product is already the desired colour.  No mixing is required, and the colour is designed to cling to the outside of the hair follicle.  Now depending on how the direct dye is applied will determine how long it will last.  If it's in a styling product, it will be wash to wash.  If it's in a more semi-permanent solution like shampoo, it could last up to 6 washes. 

Temporary: Progressive Hair Colour

Progressive hair colour gradually colours hair over multiple applications until you reach the right shade.  It can be used on areas of hair that may need “more attention”.

Good news, no pre-mixing required and the effect is gradual. The bad news, it will only last until your next shampoo, and it contains some nasty lead acetate.

Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Colour (Like Clooney Club)

Like Clooney Colour, this solution is best for covering grey hair.  This process involves an activator and a colour to be mixed together.  This process helps the colour penetrate the hair follicle better.  Apply it like a shampoo and rinse out. The colour is very natural and will last up to 6 weeks. Clooney Club has made the application easy by throwing away the ‘mixing bowl’ by having the right amounts of product in tubes that are easily put together. (Check out application video)

Permanent Colour

Permanent colours are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit their colour directly into the cortex of the hair.  The formulation uses a developer (that long story short) impregnates the hair shaft so that not even shampoo can wash that out.


So at the end of the day lads.  The right men’s hair colour for covering grey hair is the semi-permanent option. Clooney Club has made the mixing and application super easy.  Leaving a natural and longer lasting effect.

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