July 14, 2016

It's not uncommon for guys to be greying throughout their beard while maintaining good colour on top of their head. For many guys the greying through the beard makes everything else come off a little old a little early. An easy solution to this is working Clooney Club Beard Colour into your grooming regime. 

A beard can be quite the statement, and early onsets of greying can taint this. Whatever your reasons it is about achieving a natural look that you are happy with. Cover some of your greys, cover all of your greys or maybe you just want to revive your natural youthful hair colour, it is all possible by implementing men's beard colour into your grooming routine.

If its something you want to give a go, simply order a kit, we send it to you, and follow these instructions. We specially designed it to be used by you.   

1. Mix the Colour (2) into the activator (1) and MIX.

2. Get the gloves on that come with the kit. 

3. Apply evenly throuhg your beard either using your fingers or a comb.

4. Kill some time 10-15mins. 

5. Wash it off. 

Using colour is a grooming routine that you will refine and perfect with a little practice. 

If this hasnt convinced you to give it ago, we wrote [Ins an outs of colouring your beard] if you want to read more info.